A gummy-looking smile is an issue for most people as it cannot just hinder one’s look but total oral health too. When the upper section of the teeth is covered with excess gum tissue, then it may make the teeth seem smaller than they really are. With gum contouring, a leading cosmetic dentist can help remove minimal quantities of gum tissue to make a more proportionate shape/contour. Gum contouring does not just give you a more attractive smile, but in addition, it can boost your oral health by decreasing areas where bacteria frequently get trapped. This lowers your odds of getting gum disease, tooth decay, and oral diseases.


Contouring the gums can produce a more attractive smile while at the same time helping your oral wellbeing. You might be a good candidate for gum contouring and sculpting in the event that you want to improve your smile by diminishing a”gummy” look. If your gums are too low, gum contouring may provide you with a much higher and more even-looking gumline. This treatment can also be beneficial if you have had problems with regular oral infections or gum disease brought on by bacteria hiding beneath the gum tissue.

Gum contouring


Gum contouring is done in the dental office working with a mild local anaesthetic. Sedation treatment might also be a choice to help alleviate dental fear or nervousness. Prior to the process, your gums and teeth will be cleaned, then dried. Your dentist will subsequently use a laser to cut away bone tissue to show a greater gumline. The laser instrument cauterizes the tissue to lessen bleeding during the treatment. As soon as your gum line is the perfect form, The dentist will clean your mouth so that you might enjoy your outcomes. Normally, gum sculpting can be achieved in one appointment.

Once your procedure is done, you might experience swelling or tenderness, but that is normal and should dissipate after about 1 – 3 weeks after your gums heal. Your dentist or dental assistant will tell you about the best way to keep your teeth clean and healthy as you recuperate. In addition, we encourage patients to keep their yearly dental examinations and cleanings to maintain their oral health.


Gum contouring is considered a cosmetic process so is not generally covered by most insurance companies. But, most dentist takes many payment procedures and will help you to find low-interest financing to make your treatment cheaper. They can help you calculate your estimated prices during your first consultation.


Cosmetic gum sculpting is a good treatment for several reasons — it may enhance the look of your smile and cut down on your risk of gum disease or oral disease. Whether or not you would like to see a beautiful smile or increase your oral wellbeing, gum contouring may be a better treatment for you. Reach out to a dentist near you to learn more.

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