The pandemic has really got us thinking about how we conduct ourselves in the public. If you are heading back to the gym we know that you are trying to be extra careful this year! After all it’s not just about your safety but also the safety of others. But don’t worry, we have compiled for you some ways you can ensure your being hygienic at the gym!

Did you know that you expose yourself to so many germs when you visit the gym for your daily workout? However if you play your part responsibly then you can ensure that you and the people around you are safe.

1. Make sure you are washed up properly

We understand that it can be too straining to take a shower before you go to the gym, because you’re going to get sweaty right after it so what is the point! However, we suggest a brief shower before you make your way to the nearest gym. This will ensure the safety of others around you. If you can’t find the time for a shower, then make sure your hands are clean properly. After all you can spread germs by just merely touching a surface. And if you’re hands are not clean then that will increase the risk of spreading unwanted bacteria.

2. Clean the equipment you use

The gym is a place where you can easily access all sorts of tools and equipment to ensure you get that proper hardcore workout. When so many people are using the same equipment there is always a chance of spreading germs around. However, there are steps you can take to limit your risk and others of getting infected.

Keep a towel and a liquid-based sanitizer with you at all times! Wipe any machine or gym gear before you start your workout. This will provide you with a clean surface to start your workout with. At the same time, after you are done using the said machine and equipment, make sure to clean it again with your towel for the next person using the machine.

3. Wear clean clothes.

No one likes the smell of unwashed clothes from the night before! Do us all a favor and yourself too, wear clean clothes to the gym! And while you’re at it, clean your dirty clothes as soon as you reach home. Don’t try to make those socks and yoga pants last longer by wearing them unwashed more than once!

We also suggest disposing of clothes you have worn to many times. It’s always a good idea to purchase new gym clothes after a few months. Make sure you invest in good quality sportswear made out of breathable materials that aids you through your entire workout.

4. Be Aware of any tissue damage

If you plan on swimming this weekend then make sure you don’t have any open wounds or bleeding bruises on your body. Check carefully for any cuts that are bleeding or oozing any sort of liquid. You don’t want to get into a pool and risk the chance of other people getting exposed to various bacteria and infections!

5. Always wear shoes to the bathroom

Whether it is for a quick wash up or a proper steam bath, always wear bathroom slippers to your gym bathroom. It is not common knowledge but you can attract a lot of germs on your naked feet. Bathrooms are places that are especially congested with all kinds of bacteria and germs. Just a small harmless act of running to the toilet in between your swim can make you vulnerable to infections.

6. Try to go green!

We all own a plastic water bottle and hold it dearly in our hands as we keep going back to it between exercises. However, germs can stick longer to plastic bottles than they do to metal or glass bottles. Not only can you wash them with hot water but also properly sanitize them. And the best part is by swapping your plastic bottles with glass or metal, you are actually helping the environment! So good job!

The gym is a great place to exercise and socialize, but if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that you have a responsibility not only towards yourself but also those around you. So create a safe and clean experience for everyone!



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