Tesalate Antibacterial Workout Towels – Is it good for you? (Review)


Is Tesalate Antibacterial Workout Towels good? Are you finding the answer to this question? We have written a detailed answer to this. 

According to a recent article, bacteria like to grow in wet and moist conditions. Towels that we used for shower or workout are made to absorb water. This is a great way of drying your skin.

But, using a cheap towel is not safe because of bacterial incubation. We think that we are cleaning our selves by rubbing the towel on our body. But, we are wrong; we are rubbing bacteria on your body. You know why?

As we talk, bacteria like to grow in wet and moist conditions. And our towels absorb water and make a perfect environment for bacteria while we are cleaning our salves. There are higher chances of growth of bacteria and fungi like mold, mildew, and algae.

Is there any solution for this? Yes, why not. There are solutions to every problem. In our case, the solution is tesalate antibacterial workout towels. There are many brands for antibacterial workout towels, then why the only tesalate?

Let’s find out the answer…

  • What is Tesalate?

Tesalate is a towel making company founded in Sydney. It was founded by two friends Jacky Lam and Volkan Ozbek. They started this company with a simple idea to make sand-free towels.

They started selling their colorful and designable towels at Bondi beach markets. Tesalate’s growth is surprising. In its first 12 months, tesalate started selling their towels to over 70 countries. Today the company is making workout towels as well.

  • Story of Tesalate

Once two friends Jacky Lam and Volkan Ozbek were taking a hike to a secluded beach in Sydney. When they are coming back from that beach, their towel was wet, heavy, and sandy.

At that time, they think that if they can make a towel that not only performs well but look excellent too. After a lot of researching, designing, stressing they launched tesalate towels at Bondi beach markets.

From the Bondi beach markets, tesalate surprisingly grow over 70 countries in its first 12 months. Today, tesalate is selling their towels in more than 100 countries with free shipping. They offer two ranges of towels the beach towel and the workout towel.

  • Which material Tesalate use for workout towels?

Antibacterial Workout Towels 3.jpg


Our health and safety are more important than anything. With the tesalate patent-pending technology, thoughtful design, tesalate workout towels will take your fitness journey to next level.

The tesalate uses antimicrobial additive built fabric to keep your towel safe. Antimicrobial fabrics are not only effective against bacteria but also for the growth of fungi like mold, mildew, and algae.

The tesalate uses zinc in the construction of workout towel fabric, and this acts as an antibacterial agent. Other antimicrobial substances like silver and copper are also included in the towel. Silver, copper, and zinc-based additives are board spectrum antimicrobials.

This proves that tesalate can effectively prevent the growth of fungi like mold, mildew, and algae as well. This type of bacteria and fungi causes the odor to build up.

With years of experience, tesalate makes fast-drying fabrics with antibacterial features. It makes tesalate workout towels odorless. It will remain smelling fresh and dry. The tesalate modern and workout towels are compact and lightweight. However, they are enough thick and durable.

  • How to use Tesalate Antibacterial workout towels?

The tesalate workout towels come with two distinctive sides for a different purpose. One side has a vibrant design, and another side has a signature black and white pattern.

These two distinctive sides allow you to choose which side will be better for the floor or equipment and which side we can be used for wiping our face and body after a long workout. Tesalate workout towels are perfect for any workout from the gym to the tennis court.

The tesalate towels can absorb a liter of water and can dry in half the time of a regular towel. So you can use it for a shower or beaches as well. However, you can have a look at tesalate sand-free towels that are specially designed for beaches.

These high-quality premium towels are available at an affordable price on the tesalate website. You can check them by clicking on the link provided below.

Antibacterial Workout Towels 2.jpg


  • How to take care of Tesalate Antibacterial towels?

The tesalate towels are compact and lightweight in design. The tesalate workout towel has the perfect size at 100cm×45cm. Because of its compact design, you can roll up the towel to a tiny size.

You can easily store it even in less space. Its lightweight design allows you to take these towels everywhere where you want. The tesalate towels are easy to wash on a cold cycle. The tesalate workout towels weigh around 500 grams.

The tesalate antibacterial workout towels are designed with high-quality print so the print will not be faded so far. In cheap workout towels, cotton wraps will come out from the towel after a few washes. But, this will not be going to happen with tesalate workout towels.

Other towels take time to dry, but tesalate towels dry so quickly. The tesalate workout towels are easy to wash and washing machine friendly. It is durable. So you can wash them in a washing machine as well.

  • Are Tesalate Antibacterial workout towels worth it?

Antibacterial Workout Towels.jpg


Yes, the tesalate workout towels are available at only $35. In just $35, tesalate provides you high-quality towels with antibacterial technology. The tesalate workout towels are available in different Aussie style and innovation.

There are amazing benefits of tesalate antibacterial workout towels. The workout towels prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi including mold and mildew. These bacteria and fungi cause many skin and health issues.

It protects you from harmful bacteria and fungi. The tesalate workout towels are lightweight, easy to use, and care. I think because of this feature there is no other option for tesalate antibacterial workout towels. Also, tesalate is providing free shipping worldwide. Just click on the link and make your purchase now.



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Tesalate Antibacterial Workout Towels – Is it good for you? (Review)
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