I start warming up for a workout and grimace, a lunge stretch kindly reminding me that my last gym session annihilated my legs. So I pause my warmup and start walloping my leg muscles with 40 pounds of force. Not with my own hands, though — I let a Theragun do the work. Almost instantly, I feel great.

Considered the gold standard in percussive therapy — a massage technique to soothe sore muscles — the Theragun brand has enthralled millions on social media with videos of toned muscles rippling underneath the force of this device, a la CrossFit Games champion Mathew Fraser.

That is why in this article we are gonna be focusing on the Theragun review. Theragun’s portfolio of massage guns includes 4 different models, all of which are pretty pricey, especially now that a great deal of other sports equipment companies have released cheaper versions, in this article, we will do a Theragun review on all 4 models.

Keep reading to know the full Theragun review.


About Theragun

Theragun Review - Healthsoothe

Theragun was once the name of both a brand and a set of products. In 2020, Theragun rebranded as Therabody to encompass a larger suite of products and position itself as a holistic fitness recovery brand.

Therabody sells Theragun massage guns, of course, but also CBD products, foam rollers, compression systems, and electric muscle stimulators.

All those things are cool, but I’m here to talk about the various Theraguns available today and let you decide whether or not they’re worth the price tag.

This Theragun review takes a hard look at all four Theragun models currently available.

My Tips:

  • Do your research: Theragun massage guns are good products, but you might find something that meets your needs for less money.
  • Ask people in your circle if they’ve tried a Theragun massage gun: People usually either love them or don’t like them; try to understand what camp you might fall into before buying.

Great For:

  • Athletes and avid exercisers who need deep-tissue massage treatment
  • Anyone who wants powerful massage therapy on the go
  • People who have the money to pay for household brand names, regardless of whether it’s the best product for them or not

Not Recommended For:

  • People on a tight budget
  • People who prefer gentler massages


Why You Should Trust Us

We’ve been reviewing health gears and fitness-associated products for a long while now ever since technology first became popular. From massage guns to fitness gear, and down to health trackers, we’ve had our hands on most of the big-name products out there, and in the case of this Theragun review article, dozens of massagers from lesser-known brands.

While the massage experience is 100% subjective, we know what specs to look for in a percussive massage device that’ll suit most people.


What are the Benefits of Using a Theragun Massage Gun?

Theragun Review: Benefits Of Using A Theragun Massage Gun - Healthsoothe

The Theragun models offer the same benefits as most of the other massage guns on the market today. Here are a few reasons why you might consider one:

  • Improved Blood Flow: When a muscle feels the percussion of a massage gun, it sends a signal to your brain to increase the amount of blood, oxygen, and vital nutrients to that muscle.
  • Alleviate Muscle Pain: Of course, one of the many reasons you sign up for a massage is that it takes away the pain and a Theragun is no different. Massage guns, when used properly, have been connected with decreased muscle fatigue.
  • Increased Range of Motion: Although researchers have not yet reached a consensus, some studies have shown massage guns could support an increased range of motion, though the effects are generally not long-lasting.


Theragun Review 

What’s Great about Theragun Massage Guns?

The Theragun delivers on its promises. The main selling points are that it helps with workout recovery by releasing muscle tension and relieving soreness, accelerates warmup and cool-down periods for exercise, and soothes pain without any sort of medication or supplement.

Theragun does all of those things: In my few months of experience with the Liv and G3, I’ve noticed improvements in areas that athletes and recreational exercisers alike are keen on improving. Those things include:

  • Quickened recovery time after strenuous workouts, especially long runs
  • Improved range of motion when used before workouts, especially in the upper back and shoulders
  • In general, better muscle flexibility
  • Immediate perception of pain relief when used on sore muscles

In addition to all of that, the Theragun has helped me sleep better on more than one occasion. I’m terrible at sleeping: It takes me ages to fall asleep and once I finally do, my sleep tends to be light and fragmented (my Fitbit tells me I only get about 45 minutes of deep sleep each night — yikes).

I’m not sure what the mechanism is behind this, but I’m assuming that it has something to do with the relationship between strenuous exercise, muscle aches, and sleep. On most nights that I used a Theragun after a very intense workout or when my muscles were particularly sore, I fell asleep faster and experienced fewer night-time wake-ups. I also felt more rested throughout the following day and had less of a need for a nap.  

This could be because the Theragun soothed aches that kept me from falling asleep or because it calmed my nervous system after intense exercise. This isn’t just a coincidence: Theragun recommends using the device for two minutes on each major muscle group to down-regulate your nervous system before bed.

In terms of the device itself, the Theragun is incredibly sleek and good-looking for a massage gun. Its unique triangular shape differentiates the Theragun from its competitors, which mostly all look like the speed radar guns that police officers point at cars on the interstate.

The device feels sturdy in hand and features an ergonomic, adjustable head that allows you to massage your own back. It’s still more convenient to enlist help from someone else, but if you’re ever in a pinch, know that you can hit hard-to-reach spots on your own.


What’s not so Great about Theragun Massage Guns?

Compared to other massage guns on the market, both the Theragun G3 and Liv lack in features for their price point. You can find quality percussive massage devices with just one or two speeds for far less money.

You can even find good massage guns with more features for less money. Of course, you won’t enjoy “oohs” and “ahhs” from your friends if you purchase a non-Theragun, but if you aren’t looking for brand praise, who cares?

I also find that Theraguns don’t offer any settings low enough to accommodate for extremely sore muscles, injuries, or conditions like arthritis. I don’t personally have any injuries or musculoskeletal disorders, but I do get sore often, and I’ve found the Theragun hard to use at times.

If I experience severe muscle soreness, I’m hesitant to use the Theragun on those areas. If I do, I usually find myself having to hold the device slightly away from my skin so it doesn’t punch to full depth. And if I have extremely tight muscle knots? Forget about it. I’ll come back to the Theragun in a day or two when the knot has subsided a little.

I wish there was at least one softer setting on all of the Theragun models to accommodate for particularly sensitive days.

My only other complaint: These things are loud. I’m pretty certain my neighbors think I’m drilling holes in the wall when I use the Theragun. When I use it on my neck, traps, or shoulders, I swear I can feel my brain rattling around inside my head.

It also sometimes makes my ears feel like I’m cleaning them with Q-tips, which is weird, but whatever.

The newer models of the G3 are purportedly quieter than ever before, but I haven’t heard such news about the G3 Pro or the Liv.


Reviewing the 4 models of Theragun Massage Guns

Theragun Review: Reviewing The 4 Models Of Theragun Massage Guns - Healthsoothe

Theragun Comparison

Weight1.4 lbs2.2 lbs2.2 lbs2.8 lbs
Stall Force20 lbs30 lbs40 lbs60 lbs
Speeds1750, 2100, 2400 PPMs1750-2400 PPMs1750-2400 PPMs1750-2400 PPMs
Battery Life150 min120 min120 min300 min

Editor’s note: The prices in the above table are for the most current generation of Thereabody massage guns, so you might find some models cheaper if they’re still selling previous generations.


  • Theragun Mini Review

Theragun Review: Theragun Mini Review - Healthsoothe

Therabody’s newest massage gun is the mini, which comes at a great price point for a powerful product.

Product Highlights

| Compact and very portable| Almost a two-hour battery life (150 min) | Comes in four colors and there are “skins” available in more colors | Unique grip | 12-mm amplitude | Least powerful Theragun model |


  • Has a deeper amplitude than most mini massage guns (12mm)
  • Small and portable
  • Almost a two-hour battery life (150 min)
  • Comes in four colors and there are “skins” available in more colors
  • Unique grip


  • Only comes with one massage head attachment
  • One-year warranty
  • Less powerful than other Theragun models

Bottom Line: The Theragun Mini is Therabody’s most entry-level percussive massage gun option.

The Theragun Mini is the least expensive massage gun that Therabody offers, but it’s still one of the more expensive mini massage guns I’ve tested.

You can find lots of full-sized massage guns at its price point of about $200, including some pretty decent ones. However, when you look at specs, the Theragun Mini is easily one of the most powerful massage guns for its size.

Most, if not all, mini massage guns have amplitudes that stop short of 10 millimeters, meaning they don’t dig deep into the muscle tissue. The Theragun Mini has an amplitude of 12 millimeters, which tops all of the other mini percussion massagers I’ve tried. Even some full-sized massage guns don’t reach 12 millimeters into muscle tissue.

The Theragun Mini also has a unique grip compared to other portable massagers. It’s a play on Theragun’s patented triangular grip, although I’m not convinced that the grip on this thing is inherently better than a regular cylindrical massage gun handle.

Weighing a hair over 1 pound, the Mini is ultra-portable and can fit in anything from a small purse to a backpack. It has a two-hour battery life, which is pretty good for a mini massage gun.

What I don’t love about the Mini is that it only comes with one massage attachment. It is compatible with all fourth-generation Theragun massage head attachments, but they must all be purchased separately for $20 to $30 per attachment.

Or, you can buy the Mini Booster Bundle, which includes the Theragun Mini plus all six attachments for $329… at which point, you should probably just buy the $300 Theragun Prime.


  • Theragun Prime Review

Theragun Review: Theragun Prime Review - Healthsoothe

This is Theragun’s full-sized entry-level percussive massage gun, and probably the best Theragun option for most people.

Product Highlights

| Customizable speed ranges | Ergonomic multi-grip handle makes it easy to massage your back | High-end product with a reasonable price |


  • Provides deep tissue treatment reaching 16 millimeters into soft tissue
  • Customizable speed ranges
  • The ergonomic multi-grip handle makes it easy to massage your back


  • Not the most portable massage gun
  • Quieter than previous Theraguns, but still not the quietest option
  • Heavy in hand compared to others

Bottom Line: We recommend Theragun Prime as the best overall massage gun for people who want powerful percussion without an exorbitant price tag.

The Theragun Prime topped my list of the best massage guns as the best overall massage gun in 2023. I truly think that the Theragun Prime is the most feature-packed, powerful option at its price point of $299.

The Prime is simply too good to beat, in my opinion: It has an amplitude of 16 millimeters just like the more expensive Theragun Prime and Pro, and it has a 30-pound stall force, and programmable speeds between 1750 and 2400 percussions per minute.

All this, plus the iconic triangular ergonomic grip, four interchangeable heads, the QX65 motor, and QuietForce technology, make the Prime well worth its price tag. I haven’t come across a massage gun that works as well as the Prime (and is as feature-rich) for a better price.

At 2.2 pounds, it’s easy to transport. It comes in a soft drawstring bag rather than a zippered case, which makes it easy to toss into a backpack or carry-on.

Its two-hour battery life isn’t the most impressive. Many other full-sized massage guns have a longer battery life, but two hours is plenty to get the average person through a week of percussive therapy treatment if not more.

The bottom line: The Prime is simple yet elegant and effective, prioritizing essential percussive therapy features without being bogged down by excessive tech specs or clunky extras.


  • Theragun Elite Review

Theragun Review: Theragun Elite Review - Healthsoothe

The Elite straddles the line between professional-grade and entry-level percussive therapy.  

Product Highlights

| 16-millimeter deep tissue percussion massage | 40 pound stall force | Force meter shows how much pressure you’re applying |


  • 16-millimeter amplitude for deep-tissue treatment
  • Customizable speed ranges
  • Triangular ergonomic handle


  • Doesn’t have many more features than the $299 Theragun Prime
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not the quietest option out there

Bottom Line: The Elite straddles the line between professional-grade and entry-level percussive therapy.

My first impression of the Theragun Elite was that it’s a very “meh” in between the Prime and the Pro. It’s almost like Therabody wanted to offer a mid-level massage gun just for the price point, but I don’t see too much value in this middle tier.

For me, there’s nothing noticeably impressive about the Elite compared to the Prime, which is why I recommend the Prime to everyone who wants a high-quality massage gun for a reasonable price. The Elite costs $100 more than the Prime, and for that extra hundred, you’re essentially getting:

  • An additional 10 pounds of stall force (most people won’t ever exceed the Prime’s 30)
  • The same 120-minute battery life
  • The same speed range, device speed presets, and customization options
  • Identical 16-millimeter amplitude
  • One extra massage attachment
  • The same QX65 motor
  • Wireless charging

None of that feels worth an extra Benjamin to me. If you’re looking for more power or additional features, I recommend you skip this model and go on ahead to the Pro. After all, if you can afford to spend $400 on a massage gun, I’m willing to bet you can afford to spend $600 on one.


  • Theragun Pro Review

Theragun Review: Theragun Pro Review - Healthsoothe

The Theragun Pro is Therabody’s top-of-the-line model used by elite athletes all over the globe.

Product Highlights

| Deep tissue treatment | 5 hours of battery life | Stall force of 60 pounds | Comes with five attachments | Force meter shows how much pressure you’re applying |


  • Deep tissue treatment
  • 5 hours of battery life
  • Stall force of 60 pounds


  • One of the most expensive massage guns on the market
  • Not necessary for the average fitness enthusiast
  • Large and hard to travel with

Bottom Line: If you want the most powerful percussive massage gun, you can’t go wrong with the Theragun Pro.

Theragun Pro: The crème de la crème of massage guns. It’s powerful and packed with features. Almost no one (and it can be argued that literally no one) needs this massage gun, but dang, it sure is fun to use.

I usually call the Theragun Pro the “best massage gun for people with disposable income” or “best for professional athletes,” which basically means the same thing.

Honestly, if you’re strictly looking for the best percussive therapy experience available to any ol’ consumer, I can’t lead you astray from the Theragun Pro. If you have the funds, this is the way to go.

With a 60-pound stall force and five-hour battery life, the Pro boasts some of the most impressive specs you can find in massage guns. Of course, the Pro retains the same 16-millimeter amplitude as the Prime and Elite.

Exclusive to the Pro is a QX150 motor, the most powerful of all the Theragun models. The removable lithium ion battery (and extra battery with your purchase) is also a Pro-only feature. Perhaps the coolest unshared feature is the rotating arm, which allows you to comfortably access more muscles than you can with the Prime or Elite.

The Pro also has an OLED screen with a responsive force meter, so you can visualize how much pressure you’re applying to your muscles. It’s kind of fun to see how hard you can press into your muscle tissue to inch the number up.

Like the Prime and Elite, the Pro has Bluetooth and connects to the Therabody app so you can control your speed ranges and automate recovery protocols. The Pro comes with six massage attachments, the most of any Theragun model.


Customer Experience

I’ve never had a bad experience with Theragun customer support. You can contact them in one of three ways: through email, phone, or 24/7 online chat.

You can also browse the robust support section on the website, where Therabody provides information about product order status, cancellations, returns, exchanges, warranty, and more.

Speaking of warranty, I’m not a fan of the limited warranties on Theraguns. They’re rather lukewarm, in my opinion, for products that cost so much and are marketed as luxury items.

The Theragun Pro has a two-year limited warranty, while the Elite, Prime, and Mini only benefit from a one-year limited warranty. To be fair, you’re lucky if you get a one-year warranty on a lot of other massage guns, but I would think Therabody would stand by its products for more than a year or two.


Customer Reviews

Theragun reviews tend to swing wildly. They’re just one of those “love ‘em or hate ‘em” products (kinda like NOBULL shoes). Lots of customer reviews, as well as in-depth Theragun reviews, say the devices aren’t worth it.

But just as many say Theraguns are well worth the cost and are by far the best massage guns available. It really does come down to your personal preference and budget.


Theragun Vs. Hypervolt

Theragun Review: Theragun Vs. Hypervolt - Healthsoothe

Aside from comparing Theraguns to Theraguns, people also often compare Theraguns to Hypervolts. Rightfully so: Hypervolt is the other big-name brand in the workout recovery space. The two brands make massage guns that are somehow very similar but very different at the same time.

If you look strictly at specs, Theraguns and Hypervolts don’t seem too different: They have similar price points, noise levels, speed ranges, and amplitudes. Theragun massage guns do reach slightly deeper into muscle tissue with a 16-millimeter amplitude compared to Hypervolt’s 13 to 14 millimeters.  

Yet somehow, the experience of using each gun feels very different, at least to me. It may solely be the difference in amplitude that creates the difference, or perhaps the handle design.

I think I’ll always be a Theragun person, but I do think it’s worth exploring the different options and determining which brand makes the better product for your needs.


Theragun G3 Vs. Theragun Liv

Speaking of the three Theragun models, it’s worth discussing whether the more expensive models — the G3 and the G3 Pro — are worth buying.

I will be honest with you in this Theragun review article as I don’t think either is worth the extra money. For a few hundred dollars more, you get one additional speed setting and a few extra head attachments.

Labeled “essential” (Liv), “premium” (G3), and “pro-level” (G3 Pro), the Liv offers everything the average exerciser needs in a massage gun. Even people who exercise very often and very intensely don’t need much more than what Liv can offer.

Here’s why I say the higher-end options aren’t worth it: The lighter speed (29 repetitions per second) feels just as powerful as the standard speed (40 repetitions per second) that comes with all three massagers.

Remember how I mentioned wishing that there was an additional soft setting? That’s because even the soft setting on the Theragun G3 doesn’t feel soft, at least to me. The battery life also increases as the price increases, but that still doesn’t feel worth dropping extra money on.


Who Needs a Theragun Massage Gun?

This question is a bit moot because no one really needs a Theragun. It’s an accessory to a healthy lifestyle, not an essential. Nonetheless, many people can benefit from and enjoy a Theragun massage gun

Anyone who experiences muscle soreness or general achiness can benefit from a Theragun, but those who exercise often or lead very active lifestyles stand to gain the most from any percussive massager.

Even more so, athletes and those who are serious about fitness and recovery will probably find that a Theragun makes a welcome addition to their routine.


Why I love Theragun, but Would Buy Something Else

Despite the shortcomings described above, I still think that a Theragun massage gun is a great investment for athletes and people who live very active lifestyles. But note: It does what it says, but it might not be what you need.

There’s a lot of good in a Theragun massage gun: It might help you reduce stress and sleep better; it can most definitely relieve muscle soreness; and it might even improve your workouts by way of speeding up your warmup and increasing your mobility (super helpful for things like squats and overhead pressing).

But to me, Theragun feels like the brand name of percussive massagers. The Hydroflask to Contigo. The General Mills Cocoa Puffs to Kroger cocoa puffed cereal. Catch the drift? With Theragun, you’re paying for a name and reliability — you know that what you’re going to get is good. But if you’re willing to do some research, you might find that the store-brand cocoa puffed cereal is actually pretty great.

If I were to shell out this much cash for a massage gun, I’d personally choose the Hyperice Hypervolt, which offers five-speed and power settings, five head attachments, a three-hour charge, and a near-silent experience that doesn’t make ears rattle. That or the device from Achedaway, which offers about the same features for a similar price.

If I were looking for a top-of-the-line percussive massage gun for a fraction of those prices, I’d go for the newly released Sportneer massage gun, which has five-speed settings, six head attachments, and up to 5.5 hours of battery life. It works amazingly well and only costs $120.

So, to wrap all of this up, the gist is that Theragun makes high-quality, dependable products — but they might be overpriced for your needs and they aren’t the only option out there.


Final Verdict of the Theragun Review

Theragun massage guns are high-quality, powerful, effective massage guns. But they are also very expensive. While I personally like Theraguns the best out of all of the massage guns I’ve tried, I’m aware that they’re out of budget for most people.

I encourage people who want a massage gun to research other options and see if something less expensive would suit their needs.

Therabody offers four Theraguns: the Pro, Elite, Prime, and Mini. The former three are very similar, while the mini is a more entry-level option.

When using a Theragun, you’ll know you’re using a luxury product. It feels nice in hand and it does what Therabody claims it does: relieves pain from soreness and tightness, and helps the body prepare for exercise as well as cool down from exercise.


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