Do you remember when traveling meant giving up entertainment or work productivity? Not only would it be inconvenient to carry a bulky desktop around, but using your phone screen for everything would also feel constricting. Luckily, introducing portable monitors has changed how people (incredibly remote workers) travel.

First, they are compact and lightweight, meaning traveling with your computer would be much easier. This is also a significant enhancement because if you're getting anything like the Mobile Pixels Trio triple portable monitor for laptop, you will get an impressive workspace with three screens.

But is that all you'll be getting? This article is about the benefits of a portable monitor and how it can influence your next travel.

Quickly, what is a triple portable monitor for laptop?

Let's start with the definition:

Portable monitors are external digital displays easily carried around and connected to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone using a cable or wireless connection. After a successful connection, the portable monitor functions as an additional screen for the original device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone). 

While the connected device's battery powers most portable monitors, some models may have built-in batteries, making them an even better portable device for travel. In the same way, some portable monitors come with built-in features such as touchscreens, built-in speakers, and even webcams, making them even more versatile and functional.

What are the broader impacts of portable monitors on travel routines?

How Portable Monitors Can Change The Way You Travel

Portable monitors are more than innovative devices that improve your productivity (or look fancy). They are the devices you need to change the way you travel. Regardless of what you do, you can take your workspace anywhere worldwide with a triple monitor for a laptop. Here are the benefits of the portable monitor for travelers: 

Bring your workspace along

If you’re one of those few people who love their workspace to be a certain way before they can work, then you’ll need this. At home, with your deskspace, it is easy to have your workspace the way you want it. However, in a hotel room, you are limited to what you have access to. This can sometimes affect your inspiration or drive to work. However, if you have a portable monitor, you can simulate your workspace even at a hotel or a coffee shop, boosting focus and drive. 

It lightens your load

As number one, this is the major benefit. Since the portable monitor is remarkably lighter, you can ditch the bulky laptop charger and free up valuable space in your backpack or carry-ons. The good news remains that portable monitors are often slim and lightweight, making travel more accessible.

You can work on the go.


If you need to spark creativity by going out, you are no longer limited. That's because the portable monitor makes it possible to work even on the move. If you're a photographer, you can edit photos on the go, and if you're a writer, you can enjoy a more immersive writing experience even on the train. Even artists can showcase their work on a larger canvas at the beach. 

How Portable Monitors Can Change The Way You Travel

You'll get three more screens!

Just imagine, there'll be no more squinting at tiny laptop screens when you have a portable monitor or two extra screens to work with. You'll now be able to easily edit documents, manage spreadsheets, or code on the expanded display. In the same way, you'll be able to multitask better by using the monitor. This will be a productivity boost for those who need to stay on top of emails, participate in video conferences, and reference files simultaneously.

Entertainment is preserved

Enough about work for a while. Whether it is to stream shows or movies in stunning clarity, you can transform any hotel room into a personal cinema. If you're not into movies, that's fine because you won't have to worry about missing out on your favorite games while traveling.  You'll need to connect your console or gaming PC to the portable monitor for an immersive experience, perfect for longer journeys or downtime.

Double the Fun for Shared Travel

Are you going to be traveling with a partner? Is it a honeymoon or a getaway with your friends and family? Then, you don't need to worry about having fun. With the portable monitor, you can extend your entertainment options with multiple screens so that each person can enjoy their show or movie on separate screens.


There are just a few things travelers worry about: the lightness of their load, portability, and the possibility of continuing their lifestyle in a new location. The portable monitor is easy to carry around, fits into a small backpack, and, most of all, allows you to bring your workspace around (which helps boost focus and comfort). In general, portable monitors give all travel workers a chance to enhance their productivity, possibility for entertainment, and even increase their overall comfort. So the next time you pack your bags, consider adding a portable monitor – it might just be the travel essential you never knew you needed.


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