How to Get Period Blood Out of Underwear, Get to It Fast. The best course of action after a leak is to wash your underwear as soon as you can.

Your natural inclination could be to toss them into the laundry basket and wait until it's time to wash everything, but if you deal with it immediately, it will be far less likely to stain.

STOP if you are currently running the hot water! Hot water "lifts" stains, as we all know, right? Yes, if the pan has dry food in it; however, not for fabric.

When we heat fabric, it becomes "looser," making it more prone to capture the stain-causing particles. Therefore, substitute the coldest water you have. Below are 2 explained steps you should try if you want to Get Period Blood Out of Underwear.

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Step 1: Cleaning a Fresh Stain with Cold Water


1. Turn on the cold water in your bathtub or sink.

As soon as you see a blood stain on your underwear, if you are able, try washing them with cold water. Turn on the water so that it is flowing steadily.

You don't want to spray water all over the place, therefore the flow shouldn't be blasting, just powerful enough to remove the stain.

Use the coldest water your tap will allow. Blood may adhere to the cloth when exposed to hot water.

2. Hold your underwear's crotch in the cold water.

Place the underwear so the stain-covered crotch is facing up and that the cold water stream will fall directly on it.

Remove as much blood as you can by rinsing. As you rinse, you may if you'd like, gently wipe the stain away with your fingertips or a cloth.

With only a little water, you may be astonished at how much of the discolouration gets removed!

Pro Tip: If the thought of handling your dirty underwear makes you uncomfortable, consider donning a pair of latex or rubber gloves, if you have some on hand.

3. Pour a drop of soap into the cloth and work it in.

Since water is unlikely to completely remove the stain, add a little amount of mild soap for even more cleaning power. Directly on the cloth, work the soap into a lather, being careful to completely cover the stain.

You may use whatever soap you happen to have on hand; solid laundry soap, liquid laundry detergent, and hand soap are all suitable possibilities. Try gently massaging the item of clothing for at least 30 seconds.

4. Thoroughly rinse the underwear.

Rinse the suds away with additional cold water after applying soap to the discolouration. Rinse the cloth repeatedly until there are no longer any soap bubbles on it and the water is entirely clean. Next, check to see whether the stain is still there on the underwear.

Wash the underwear with soap and water once more if the stain is still visible. After then, if the blood is still there, you may need to try another strategy.

5. Wrap the underwear in a towel, to get rid of any extra water.

Remove the underwear from the water and give it a little squeeze so any remaining water drains out. After that, lay a substantial towel over your underpants and securely wrap the towel up. For two to three minutes, pat and squeeze the towel to extract as much water as you can from the underwear.
The underpants may expand if you wring them out.

6. Dry the underwear by hanging it.

Use clothespins to clip the underwear up to dry if you have a clothesline. However, you may still hang your underwear to dry even if you don't have a specific location to air-dry things.

You might drape them over your towel rack, shower rod, or even a doorknob. Just make sure they are placed in a well-ventilated area so they can dry completely.

If you hang your underwear to dry in the bathroom, for instance, leave the door open so that air can flow in.
Try hanging the underwear in front of a fan if you want them to dry fast.

If you're not certain the stain is completely gone, don't dry the underwear. The blood will solidify into the cloth due to the heat, making removal considerably more difficult.

Additionally, because the heat from the dryer might harm the elastic, it is recommended to air dry underwear.

Step 2: Applying Hydrogen Peroxide on White Underwear


1. Start by adding hydrogen peroxide to a small basin.

In addition to being a popular home disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide is a very efficient stain remover.

Pour roughly 12 cups (120 mL) of hydrogen peroxide into a small dish and place it next to any white or extremely light-coloured underwear that has a bloodstain.

You may then use as much peroxide as you need without having to worry about spilling any on the peroxide container.

Use caution when using hydrogen peroxide on underwear that is black or vividly coloured since it can bleach the fabric.

This works best on recent stains but could work on set-in stains as well.


2. Dip a sponge or cloth corner in the dish.

Dip a corner of a washcloth, sponge, or even a stack of paper towels in the hydrogen peroxide dish.

You may more precisely apply the peroxide to the stain by doing this since it will be concentrated in one spot on the fabric.

Since it can absorb part of the blood, make sure the towel or sponge you use is appropriate to become stained.


3. Beginning from the outside in, dab the stain.

Directly on the bloodstain, press the cloth's wet end. Working from the outside borders in toward the centre, blot the stain with the cloth.

If necessary, top out the hydrogen peroxide solution in the cloth to thoroughly absorb the discolouration. Even extra may be added to the bowl if necessary.

If blood ever gets on the part of the cloth you're using, switch to a different, clean portion.


4. Rinse with cold water and repeat as necessary to remove the stain.

After blotting up most of the stain, thoroughly rinse your underwear under cold running water before examining the fabric.

If any spots are still stained, keep blotting them until all of the blood has been removed.

There could be some mild staining that doesn't show up if the stain was more deeply embedded and older. Attempt an enzymatic cleanser to try to get the remainder of the blood out in that scenario.

Your underpants may be dried in the dryer or in the air after the stain has been removed.


The best way to remove period stains from white underwear

It may be annoying to find a period stain on white underwear, but it's not the end of the world! Even the whitest underwear may be cleaned of stains without the need to hurry to the store and buy pricey stain remover.

The house removal methods we covered above will be effective. especially bleach, also known as hydrogen peroxide.

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The purpose of leakproof underwear is to assist. While it's nice to have these helpful stain-removal techniques on hand, leaks may occur, so it might be time to try a new strategy.

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They are the ideal protection during your period, either as complete protection or as a backup to disposable goods, like tampons, so say goodbye to panty liners and wasteful waste. Whatever happens, you'll feel rested.

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