As some of you requested, this is Dodo skin gold face cream review. My skin got smooth and gorgeous after just two weeks of using dodo body lotion. It made my skin sparkle by lightening and brightening it. All of my dark spots and blemishes vanished after using this lotion.

Dodo Cream is a disputed powerful lightening and whitening lotion that, due to how quickly it bleaches the skin tone, is suspected of having mercury, steroid, or hydroquinone.

I opted to purchase it for myself out of curiosity and the fact that I like trying new things, particularly skincare items, so I could find out the truth about the cream.

Green veins and stretch marks are the main adverse effects I see after taking it for a time. As a consequence, I recommend that you use this cream to clean your face and then stop using it after you’ve reached your desired effect.

So, after a month of use, my honest opinion on Dodo Cream is that it is suitable for fair individuals who wish to seem lighter, brighter, or whiter. This cream is not suitable for those with dark or chocolate complexion. It will bleach your skin and cause harm.

Meanwhile, the rest of the article goes through how to use this cream properly, its ingredients, what others have said about it, and more.

Dodo White Up Ingredients:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Wheat Germ Oil
  • Mineral Oil
  • White UP
  • Hydroxy Acid Alpha
  • Isopropyl Myristate
  • Kojic Acid
  • Petrolatum
  • Tocopheryl Acetate
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Sodium Sulfite
  • Triethanolamine
  • UV Protection
  • Fragrance

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Side Effects of Dodo White Up Cream:

1: It causes some individuals to have black feet.
2: It develops green veins in certain persons.
3: It gives some individuals to have black knuckles.
4: It causes stretch marks in some people.
5: It makes some people’s skin to be multicoloured.

Is There Mercury in Dodo Cream?

It does not contain any mercury.

Is Hydroquinone Found in Dodo Lotion?

No, there isn’t any hydroquinone in it.

Dodo Lotion is a Bleaching Cream, right?

It is, indeed, a bleaching cream.

Is Dodo Cream Good for Fair Skin?

Yes, it is ideal for persons with pale skin.

Is Dodo Cream Safe For People With Chocolate Skin?

No, it’s not good for persons with dark or chocolate complexion.

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How Effective Is Dodo Lotion? is it Legit?

It’s an excellent lotion for smoothing, lightening, and brightening your skin’s appearance. To sum it up, I highly recommend this dodo white lotion to anybody with a light complexion who wishes to grow fairer or whiten their skin.

It is already quite effective on its own and does not need the use of any lightning oil or serum.

How to use Dodo Lotion:

Fill your hand with a little bit of the lotion and gently massage it all over your body until it is entirely absorbed.

What Does Dodo Cream Cost?

In markets and cosmetics stores, it cost N1100.

Dodo Lotion is available in the following locations:

On Jumia or Konga, you may get the original cream from reputable suppliers.



What others say about Dodo Lotion?

Let’s hear what people have to say about Dodo Lotion before we make a decision. Is it as wonderful as everyone says it is or is it simply another over-hyped bleaching cream?

Deborah (another reviewer):

“Dodo is, without a doubt, the most underappreciated cream. Unlike other inflated serums and moisturizers, it works quickly and my skin improved within a week.

The scent is pleasant and does not bother the skin. I like the formula so much that I’m not sure I’ll ever quit using Dodo Lotion.”


I’ll always use it since it accomplishes exactly what it says it would, including evening out my skin tone. Because I have combination skin, I’m always on the lookout for products that aren’t oily and don’t contain SPF. Dodo Lotion has all of these qualities and more”


“I’ve been using Dodo Lotion for a few months and everything seemed well until recently. My skin began to break out, and I believe it is responding to an element in my cream. So, what should I do now?


“My closest friend uses Dodo Lotion and her skin looks wonderful, but I got sunburned after using it for a few days, so I’m keeping away from it for now.”



We’ve pretty much covered all there is to know about Dodo Lotion, and then some. Dodo Lotion is a fantastic body lotion that incorporates natural skin-lightening components like vitamin C and Egyptian milk, ensuring that your skin is not bleached.

Don’t be hesitant to buy one for yourself; you’ll be glad you did. As a last note, your skin is a very essential organ in your body. It’s doing a lot for you, and you’ll be wearing it for quite some time. As a result, only the best should serve.

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