7 Basic Steps on How to Rent a Hospital Bed in Toronto


Dealing with a recovering patient or a senior resident at home can be challenging, particularly while using a standard bed. Standard beds are difficult to modify for your patient's comfort. But when you rent hospital bed for home, these prove comfortable for the patient as well as the caretaker. The question here is: should you purchase a medical clinic bed or rent one? We propose that sometimes, a hospital bed rental Toronto is the best choice - particularly when the intended use is for a limited time.

How do you decide step by step on a hospital bed rental? Here is your complete guide for medical bed rental in Toronto that will serve for routine as well as emergency needs.

Where to find a hospital bed rental Toronto is not the big question. But where to find a suitable rent hospital bed for home at an ideal hospital bed rental cost, is the bigger question. So let's solve the puzzle via our hospital bed rental Toronto Guide that will help you find a perfect bed of choice.

1. Duration of Use

When you rent hospital bed for home, it can be a major investment. If possible, find out from the doctor how long you will need it. Assuming that you just need the bed for a brief timeframe, you should hire a bed from a suitable vendor who is offering you the best price.

2. Hospital Bed Rental Company Must be Nearby

When you go for a hospital bed rental in Toronto - you must ensure that the medical bed rental company is located nearby. It will ensure that the service team helps you quickly settle any issues that you might face while operating the bed.

3. Specify Your Needs

Besides asking for an adjustable, patient bed for home use, always specify your needs - these should be as per the patient comfort as well as that of the caretaker. Specify the bed size - for example a tall patient will need an extra long bed; an overweight patient will need an extra-wide bed, etc. Check out the features like adjustable handrails, ease of positioning of the patient, medical condition of the patient, how mobile your patient is, etc. Also ask for enough space for having a bedpan, sponge bath, etc.

4. Test it Before Buying

7 Basic Steps on How to Rent a Hospital Bed in Toronto

Whether you rent or hire an adjustable patient bed for home use or buy it, a TEST DRIVE is a great idea in most cases. Ideally, must choose a hospital bed rental Toronto company that offers both services in the comfort of your home for your patient. A one day or half-day spent with your patient on a bed you wish to purchase, will reveal a lot of things - more comfort and ease of use aspects that might not come out when you test it at the shop. And once you find that something might be missing or needs to be tweaked, you can easily upgrade the bed or rent a better one.

5. Specify Your Budget

Wherever you go out to rent hospital bed for home, the foremost thing you always mention is that you need an adjustable, patient bed for home use. In addition, always mention your budget, it saves time, because then the sales/rental team will then show you only devices that will work for you.

6. Choose the Correct Hospital Rental Bed

There are three different types of hospital beds, pick the one that ideally fits the patient's needs because it makes a lot of difference to your patient's recovery.

Manual Hospital Beds

Least expensive as everything right from raising the height to adjusting the head and foot side of the patient, has to be done manually using a hand-crank. If the caregiver is physically active enough to do the same, you can think of this option. But then your patient will be totally dependent on the caregiver.

Semi-electric Hospital Beds

This is an adjustable patient bed, for home use that comes with a motor that raises the head and foot side of the bed. But to alter the bed's height, you will need the caregiver's help using a crank. This is an ideal choice for hospital bed rental Toronto patients where frequent adjustment of height is not needed.

Fully Electric Hospital Beds

Here every function of the bed is electronic. Fully electric medical bed rental gives the patient as well as the caregiver the maximum independence.

You may pick one of the three as per your need as well as the hospital bed rental cost that you can afford.

7. Choose the Right Mattresses


When you rent hospital bed for home, development of bedsores around the body's weight-bearing regions is a common problem. But by buying the correct mattress, you can safeguard your patient from bedsores and discomfort. The best kind of mattresses are therapeutic mattresses, alternating pressure mattresses as well as low air loss mattresses which will give your patient the best comfort. Study these well in comparison with your patient's medical condition before you decide on a medical bed rental.

Medical bed rental can be tricky when you rent hospital bed for home. But our complete guide will aid you perfectly towards hospital bed rental Toronto, so that it not only provides maximum comfort to your patient but also aids with speedy recovery.

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