Reasons Why Facelifts are Growing More Popular with Younger People in New Orleans


With the new forms of technology that we have now, there are a lot of procedures and treatments that we could choose from, like plastic surgery and facelifts. But there are some people who get too overwhelmed at the thought of going under the knife and getting plastic surgery, which is why facelifts come in. You could go and visit Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery in New Orleans if you are ever interested in going through the procedure and here are some reasons why facelifts are growing more popular with younger people in New Orleans.

Reasons Why Facelifts are Growing More Popular with Younger People in New Orleans

  • The resilience and the recuperating ability of a younger body is the biggest factor as to why younger people choose to undergo early facelift because as the body ages, surgical recovery could become a growing concern and is taken into account when you are planning a procedure.
  • Droopy jowls, sagging cheeks, and the like are issues to any person undergoing a facelift, and they are often problems found in the genes. They could easily be corrected though, while women are still young and want to improve the way they look, which could affect their self-confidence.
  • If you have a facelift now, it could last you a decade, especially if you have done the procedure early, making you enjoy the benefits of the whole thing for a long time, only needing a refresher lift afterwards if you need it.
  • If you choose to get a facelift while your skin still has the natural elasticity, it could get the best results.
  • Correcting and identifying problem areas will help the problem actually improve, and it would make your problem easier to contain as you enter your fifties and your sixties.
  • None of the other non-invasive procedures that are available are as long-lasting and a ton of women have already decided to get a facelift while they are younger, which is why they go along with the procedure earlier without trying several short-term solutions.

At what age do most people get a facelift?

Generally, people under the age of 30 are not recommended to get a facelift. Facelift usually is more beneficial for people who are in their 40s, 50s and 60s where there are already signs of aging and it is already obvious since deep lines, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are the results of the aging process. Facelift is a way to correct these, since everyone ages differently, at different rates.

How much younger does a facelift make you look?

According to a study that was made last 2011 of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) that on average, patients who went through a facelift say they look about 12 years younger after their surgery.

They go through a significant recovery period, and after patients have recovered, the patients have claimed that they are incredibly satisfied with the results.

At what age should you get a mini facelift?

People who are of the age of at least 30 to 40 years old are the most suited age for people to get a mini facelift because the procedure itself is not as invasive as a full out facelift, but could give you the same goal, which is to make you look so much younger.

Minimally Invasive Face Lifting Options

The Silhouette Lift

This is a procedure that typically addresses both your concerns in loose and sagging skin. The Silhouette Lift is a FDA-cleared treatment that uses medical-grade threads that are made out of polyglycolic acid and polylactic acid that could lift and redefine the shape of your face.

This is performed in-office and it is used under local anesthetic with no incisions and minimal side effects. It could help loft tissue in the midface and could create more prominent cheekbones and it could restore a more youthful shape and definition on your face.


Ultherapy is designed to correct the loose skin on your body, creating a much firmer, and smoother skin texture. This is ideal for those people who are seeking to address the loose skin that is under their neck and their chin, love their eyebrow line and correct the sagging skin on their eyelids.

It draws innovation and highly developed technology so that it could restore suppleness and bring back radiance to your skin. They use ultrasound energy that could generate a thermal effect under the skin and could trigger the body’s healing response. It also stimulates collagen production and strengthens all of your existing collagen so that it could improve your dermal support.


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