Do CBD Creams Work? Are They Safe For Your Skin?


It is the age of incorporating the new and latest advancements in each field, and CBD can be cited as one of the finest examples of the norm. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol is everywhere and is topping the news charts every other day.

The infamous buzzword in the field of health and wellness has taken the world by storm and has quickly emerged from being just a niche to being a part of the mainstream subject. Everyone you meet is talking about CBD, irrespective of the reason cited.

Being available in distinct forms, these come in the variations of oils, creams, gummies, and much more. There is undoubtedly a lot of buzz surrounding the latest health trend in the market. This has left us wondering whether these forms truly work or is it just some kind of a myth doing the rounds!

The newest trend in the health industry: CBD

The CBD products often undergo a deeper sense of scepticism and with the growing popularity of the usefulness, the popularity seems to grow. Among all its forms, a CBD cream is one of the most popular forms that are used widely among consumers.

CBD Creams are known for offering a myriad of benefits that includes inflammation reduction, reduced pain from an injury, arthritis, exercise, and so on.

Some of the CBD Brands have added additional elements, apart from CBD that are beneficial for the skin. For example: Medterra’s CBD Cream has Jojoba Oil extracts, well known for making the skin softer. These ingredients means consumers can get the benefits of any regular cream combined with the benefits of CBD. Here is a Medterra coupon, which can be used to get a discount.

A lot has been heard about the claims, which takes us to the next question, do they actually work? Let us dig a little deeper and garner more knowledge about how these work and whether they actually work or not.

How do CBD creams work?

An increasingly popular component among all, CBD cream is no more restricted to just the youth; rather it is a lot popular among individuals of all ages. Research suggests that more than a third of CBD topical users are reported above the age of 45.

Further research suggests that 55% of arthritis sufferers make use of CBD for treating a number of symptoms and to offer localized relief. Hence, one can imagine the rising popularity of the cream among CBD users and how it has managed to win hearts in the fastest possible time.

A lot of doctors have been seen recommending the topical as an initial step to offer relief to joints and muscles. This is majorly because topicals tend to have a systematic impact and thus carry lower risk baggage related to any kind of adverse reaction.

CBD topical creams are one of the most widely known hemp products that have been designed and integrated for incurring topical pain relief. During its topical application, the creams are applied directly to the skin.

Being a highly preferred component for localized symptoms, the creams function locally without penetrating deep into the skin. Moreover, it does not even formulate unless and until it is intentionally formulated using compounds that have been designed to help it penetrate further.

The creams draw a large impact on the human sebocytes, i.e., the cells that make the sebaceous gland swell up while generating an oily secretion. The secretion is beneficial in keeping the skin extremely supple, also known as sebum.

The creams get absorbed into the skin when applied and penetrate deep inside the sebaceous gland through hair follicles to regulate the functioning of sebocytes.

What are the CBD creams made up of?

The ingredients of the cream usually depend on the manufacturer and the type of product. Creams comprise a large number of natural ingredients in addition to substances that can be of intense therapeutic use.

These substances are largely known for several therapeutic properties that include shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, eucalyptus oil, aloe vera oil, and others. The combination of CBD along with shea butter and almond oil is quite popular and are known for inducing vitamin E to the body, and to also reduce wrinkles.

Several antioxidants such as Berberine or omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids are incorporated into the creams and ensure improved cellular stability. Some of the other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and CBD are included in the creams as well. Hence, the ingredients majorly depend on the primary purpose of the cream.

Does the cream actually work?

Its large array of health-associated benefits has got the world talking. However, does it actually work? Let us unfold the cream’s potential to treat several concerns, as the claim states.

CBD for Pain Management

One of the benefits of CBD creams is their effectiveness in treating pain and inflammation caused in varied areas of the body. CBD cream works a lot different than the usual tinctures due to the way it is applied.

The topical creams do not enter the bloodstream and make the pain abate temporarily due to the way in which it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors present on the skin.

These receptors thrive in the body while being linked to appetite, immune function, mood, pain and inflammation, sleep, and more. Research cites the benefit of CBD in pain management and proves to be a lot more promising than other harmful painkillers.

A large number of users swear by the creams due to its ability to get absorbed to the skin faster and also to treat targeted pain relief as compared to CBD tinctures. Thus, CBD creams come with a unique localized effect and are beneficial in treating generalized chronic pain.

It is also reported to work wonders for individuals experiencing arthritis by targeting localized inflammation. It has a strong ability to subsidize inflammation and minimize pain.

A lot of it can be read from varied studies that showcase its direct role in the therapeutic treatment of pain caused due to induced joint inflammation.

CBD for skin conditions

CBD proffers a number of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to treat several underlying skin conditions, including eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne, and much more. A large number of individuals are seen resorting to the treatment to treat symptoms such as dry skin, itching, and so on.

This is where the endocannabinoid plays a major role in skin pathogenesis and homeostasis which not only aids to reduce itchiness but also restores your skin back to the natural balance.

CBD creams have been proven to inhibit oil production, and thus reduce inflammation in glands. When the pores get clogged, the acne spreads and causes blemishes. CBD offers antimicrobial property which is an efficient antibiotic and has the potential to reduce acne and its symptoms.

A number of researches have also been conducted to evaluate the impact of the cream on treating psoriasis. Researchers have found CBD creams to comprise components that have the potential to ‘shut off’ the receptors that can further lead to excessive skin cell production.

Final Thoughts:

To the question posed above, yes, CBD creams indeed work and in more ways than imaginable. With this, the era of being self-reliant on several pharmaceutical pain killers is over.

Although it is rather a new trend in the health industry, several pieces of research have already been conducted that supports its ability to offer potential health benefits. Unlike other over-the-counter medications, it simply does not mask the pain or inflammation caused but eradicates the pain away.

This is further leading individuals all over the world to embrace a rather natural form of treatment towards combating pain and skin inflammation.

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