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The carotone face cream is designed to brighten your skin's complexion in a short amount of time. It protects your skin from the sun and quickly smoothes, softens, tones, and brightens it.

It lightens your skin dramatically and decreases hyperpigmentation, freckles, and blemishes. 

It also nourishes your body and promotes cell turnover and skin renewal.

However, carotone body lotion has a negative reputation due to reports that it has severely harmed the skin of numerous consumers throughout the globe. 

You must not bring up the hatred some individuals have for this body cream in front of them.

It's one of those goods that raise people's eyes when they learn you're using it or planning to buy it. 

But, on the other hand, this carotone does not merit its negative name for destroying the skin of numerous individuals.

According to me, this product is not guilty of the accusations, and the actual culprits for the damages are the consumers themselves. 

Unlike other skincare products, Carotone body cream does not hide the fact that it contains 2% hydroquinone.

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Hydroquinone is a very strong chemical that is prescribed to treat hyperpigmentation, blackheads, blemishes, freckles, melasma, pimple marks, and acne scars for a maximum of three months. 

It's an active component that's supposed to stop your body from producing too much melanin.

In other words, any skin product containing this hydroquinone should be handled as if it were a prescription drug. 

It should not be taken for an extendedtimee, as it will become abused and create a variety of negative effects.


Ingredients used in Carotone Face Cream production

  •     Allantoin
  •     Ascorbic Acid
  •     BHT
  •     Carrot Oil
  •     Cetyl Stearylic Alcohol
  •     Collagen
  •     Fragrance.
  •     Isopropyl Myristate
  •     Methylparaben
  •     Mineral Oil
  •     Petrolatum
  •     Polysorbate 60
  •     Propylene Glycol
  •     Propylparaben
  •     Sodium Metabisulphite
  •     Sodium Sulfite
  •     Stearic Acid
  •     Tocopheryl Acetate
  •     UVA
  •     UVB
  •     Water


Is Carotone Face Cream a Bleaching Cream?

No, it is not a bleaching cream.


Carotone Face Cream Testifiers:

Hearing the testimonies of people will go a long way in making decisions, picking a stand and knowing more about this product is important


I have used it, and I am still using it, it is good for the face.


I used this product for a week and the blemishes were gone then I stopped but after four days they were back and even worse.


I have a friend who uses this product, and she confesses it to be nice. It was obvious because the spots on her face were gone, and her now skin glows.


Side Effects of Carotone Face Cream

It doesn’t have any side effects.

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How to use Carotone Face Cream

  • Take a portion of the lotion into your hand.
  • Massage gently until it is absorbed, then apply it to the entire skin.


How Effective Is Carotone Face Cream?

It is a top-notch lotion with no good seconder for clearing dark spots, lightening, and glowing skin. 

It is effective onitst own and doesn’t require any additional serum or lightening oil.


What is the cost of Carotone Face Cream in Nigeria?

In cosmetics shops and markets, it costs, N1800.


Carotone Face Cream can be purchased from the following locations in Nigeria:

You can buy the original cream online from trusted vendors either on Jumia or on Konga and from trustworthy suppliers.


Is There Mercury in Carotone Face Cream?

No, It does not contain any mercury.


Is Hydroquinone Found in Carotone Face Cream?

Yes, it contains hydroquinone in it.


Carotone Face Cream is a Bleaching Cream, right?

Yes, It is, indeed, a bleaching cream. 


Is Carotone Face Cream Good for Fair Skin?

Yes, it is ideal for persons with pale skin. 


Is Carotone Face Cream Safe For People With Chocolate Skin?

No, it is not ideal for persons with dark and chocolate skin.



Many users complain that this Carotone body lotion harmed their skin since they either misused it or didn't understand how to use it properly. 

Many people are unaware that it contains hydroquinone, while others are unconcerned about the ingredients or the effects.

Before using any product, it is critical to do research. 

Find out as much as you can about the components and what they do. 

Before you buy something, be sure you don't have any allergies to it. 

This will save you the trouble of dealing with any side effects, which you will then have to search for a solution to.

Sun and heat are enemies of any product containing hydroquinone. 

As a result, you should avoid sunshine when using the cream or use it just at night to avoid heartfelt stories.

Please do not use this cream to hawk in the sun. 

This cream is quite strong, and if used carelessly, it might severely harm your skin.


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