We all are one incident away from spending thousands of dollars on hospital treatments. Life is unpredictable and so are medical bills. If you think you're healthy and won't ever fall ill, you're wrong. No matter how healthy a lifestyle you have, sooner or later you'll need to pay those medical treatment bills. Here health insurance comes in handy. It covers all the medical expenses and keeps you afloat.

On the other hand, if a person does not have health insurance, he can end up in a severe financial crisis, if struck by a medical emergency. It is important to understand that health insurance does not ensure that a person won't get ill but it makes sure the person gets the best treatment if something happens. Read more to answer all your queries.

What Is A Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS)?

A voluntary health insurance scheme (VHIS) makes sure the insurance company pays all the medical expenses of the insured at the time of need. The insurance companies are partnered with top-notch hospitals to give five-star treatment to the customers. In addition, if the insurance company is not partnered with the hospital, it will still provide compensation to the affectee. The policy objectives of VHIS are following:

  • Health Insurance Coverage

One of the objectives of the voluntary health insurance scheme is to increase the protection of services of health insurance coverage. It makes sure the insured person gets the best treatment. In addition, if the insurance company is not partnered with the hospital then the company compensates the affectee.

  • Access To Private Healthcare Services

The insured person has access to private health care services. He can avail the best treatment from private hospitals without having to wait in long queues for hours. In addition, his public access is not restricted. He can avail of both services as he desires.

  • Relief To Public Healthcare

Voluntary healthcare insurance scheme has relieved the public healthcare sector. Initially, the pressure on public health increased because of the increasing population. People used to stand in long queues to wait for their turn. However, VHIS has reduced this pressure on public healthcare.

Why Is Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Important (VHIS)?

A voluntary health insurance scheme (VHIS) is important for several reasons. Let us discuss few factors that make it compulsory to have:

  • Insurance Coverage

Once you register yourself with health insurance, your life becomes easy. All of your medical expenses will be covered by health insurance. With the rise in population, the public healthcare sector has long queues of patients waiting for their turn. Fortunately, this is not the case with health insurance. It offers you access to top private hospitals where you don't have to wait for hours to get checked. Moreover, if the hospital is not partnered with the insurance company, you'll be compensated to cover your medical expenses.

  • Reduction In Emergency Cost

Health is wealth without a doubt and therefore, it has to be taken care of. Medical emergencies happen all the time but are you prepared for them mentally or financially? Sometimes a quick tour to the emergency room can cost you thousands of dollars and that can put you in financial debt. However, if you've health insurance, there is no need to worry. Health insurance will cover all the medical expenses and make sure you and your family get the best treatment available.

  • Financial Security

Life is unpredictable and anything can happen anytime. But make sure you are prepared for anything coming your way. Financial security is one of the biggest achievements for anyone. No one wants to lead a life of financial crisis. Health insurance is one way to ensure financial security. Medical diagnosis, treatments, and bills are a nightmare for anyone if you don't have health insurance. It can end up in crippled finances. However, having health insurance will relieve you in a lot of ways. You'll get the best medical treatment without having to worry about medical expenses.

  • Tax Benefits

Health insurance is also important because it can help you to reduce your tax burden. You are eligible to claim tax deductions up to 12000$ that you pay towards health insurance premiums annually. In addition, if you have purchased health insurance for a senior citizen, you get an additional tax benefit of 24000$. This is because the government considers health insurance to be a medical expense, so any amount you pay out of your pocket becomes eligible for deduction.

  • Coverage For health Screenings

Health screenings are routine medical procedures that can cost you thousands of dollars if you don't have health insurance. By having routine medical procedures you'll be able to screen your body for any health issue that can be problematic in upcoming years. A few routine procedures include blood pressure screening, physical exam, tetanus vaccine, mammograms, prostate exam, etc. Health insurance is essential for everyone but for people having an age between 40 and 65, it's extremely helpful. The older you are, the more you're at risk of having age-related blood pressure and diabetes. It is better to check now and then to ensure you stay healthy.

  • Easy access to top-notch hospitals

With the increase in population, it is difficult for the public healthcare sector to cater to the needs of citizens. That is why we see long queues of patients waiting for their turn in front of the doctor's room in public hospitals. Patients are outnumbering hospital resources and it is becoming difficult to treat a wide number of patients daily. However, investing in health insurance can save you a lot of time and money. In addition, you do not have to wait for hours to get treatment. Insurance companies have partnered with top-notch hospitals to provide the best medical treatment to their customers. Moreover, routine medical procedures would not be a problem and the patient would not have to worry about unpredictable medical expenses.


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