Can You Smoke RSO?


RSO became famous for its use to kill some cancer cells on its founder, Rick Simpson, but can you smoke RSO since it is an oil, and it is commonly used as a food additive? The syrupy consistency of the RSO makes it an excellent addition to foods, as it blends in well and the food can mask its somewhat bitter taste.

Yes, you can smoke RSO. It is cannabis oil made, usually made from the Indica strain, and possesses some medicinal and psychoactive qualities. However, to safely smoke RSO, it should be tested and certified to possess no alcohol, or any solvent, leftover, as a highly flammable solvent may be problematic when lit.

In this article, we will talk about how RSO came about, that is how it got its name. we will also discuss the medicinal benefits you can get from ingesting or using RSO topically. Ultimately, you will get the answer to your question, can you smoke RSO?

What is RSO and How Did it Come About?

RSO, full name, Rick Simpson Oil, is a cannabis concentrate named after a man who discovered the concentrate and its use. Rick Simpson used to work as a hospital engineer before he was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2003. He did some research and read some studies that talked about how THC found in cannabis killed cancer cells in mice. He took interest in the research and began growing his own cannabis.

Rick Simpson Oil - RSO
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He developed the RSO and applied it to a bandage that he places over the bumps on his skin. Soon, his symptoms were less severe and the bumps on his skin were gone. He grew more cannabis and made more concentrate to help people who need it, free of cost. However, his doctor failed to acknowledge the efficacy of the cannabis oil in the successful treatment of Rick’s skin cancer.

RSO is a cannabis oil concentrate that is usually added to food, to mask its bitter taste, and ingested to help with many medical conditions. It is popularly known to address medical symptoms, including those related to cancer, and it can also be used topically. However, in recent times, there have been queries as to the suitability of smoking RSO, whether it is bought or made at home.

Medicinal Uses of RSO

As RSO has worked to treat Rick of his skin cancerous growths, other people have followed in Rick’s footsteps and have used RSO for other medical conditions. Reports say that RSO also treats conditions such as:

It is noteworthy that there has been scientific backing for the use and efficacy of RSO as a treatment option for any of these medical conditions. However, some researches have gone into the use and legalization of cannabis as a therapeutic option for cancer.

How to Use RSO

Before you use RSO, you should know that your doctor may be skeptical about using this alternative treatment for your medical condition. You should also know that you need to make a lot of research on your condition and how cannabis may affect it. You will need a medical expert’s input at every point of your treatment. Therefore, consult with your doctor before venturing into RSO use for medical purposes.

Generally, it is recommended that an individual should consume about 60 grams of RSO in the space of 90 days to experience relief from their symptoms. The 60 grams is spread over three months and your dosages start from the minimum and climb gradually, till you’re able to take 1 gram daily.

For the first week, you’ll be subjected to three doses of RSO at eight hours intervals. A quarter drop of RSO oil three times a day will suffice. From the second week through the fifth week, you will double your dose every four days, till you reach the 1-gram mark. By the fifth week, you can begin to take 1 gram of RSO daily and by the twelfth week, you’ll have reached 60 grams of RSO for 90 days.

You can use RSO by adding drops of the oil to your food and ingesting it. To make it easier to ingest, some people mix the oil with banana, because of its sweetness, and ingest. Also, you can use RSO by applying drops of the oil on your skin and rubbing it in. alternatively, you can apply the oil on a bandage or clothing, and wrap around the area you want to see changes.

Can You Smoke RSO?

As RSO is an oil, yes, you can smoke it. However, you should ensure that you know what solvent the cannabis was dissolved in. if the solvent used was highly flammable, do not attempt to smoke the RSO. alternatively, you can buy RSO from a store but make sure you ask about its suitability for smoking.

If you make your own RSO at home, don’t smoke it as it is not tested for chemicals. However, if you must, ensure that all the alcohol used as a solvent is completely burned off.

Side Effects of RSO

RSO contains a high amount of THC than most cannabis oil. It also contains other cannabinoids, such as CBD. With RSO’s high THC content, you can expect to experience some psychoactive excitement when you take it; this is why your dosage starts from the minimum.

Also, you may experience some daytime sleepiness; however, this improves as your dosage increases.


RSO is a cannabis concentrate oil that tastes bitter and is used for recreational and medical purposes. It was founded by Rick Simpson and successfully treated his skin cancer. Questions like, can you smoke RSO has been asked. And the answer is, yes, you can smoke and dab RSO if you know the solvent used and your budtender assures you it is safe to smoke. However, if you make RSO at home, don’t smoke it.

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