Goron Tula – “The Miracle Fruit”

Goron Tula (Hausa) is a “miracle fruit” that is occasionally referred to as African chewing gum, Thespesia, or Silky Kola. Goron Tula is also known as Tree hibiscus and Snot apple in English. There is no Yoruba name for it at the moment. The miracle fruit is growing in popularity day by day which is due to its massive health benefits identified by researchers and health practitioners.

There were books and research on Goron Tula made by researchers but no one ever took them seriously, not until the fruit started to gain popularity in recent times.

Asides from the fruit, the tree of Goron Tula provides:

  • Forage for animals.
  • Timber for firewood.
  • Shade for relaxation.
  • Soil conservation to prevent erosion.

Furthermore, the bark and roots are used for health purposes likewise The Goron Tula pulp and Goron Tula seed. What’s more??? Goron Tula is safe for intake across all ages.

What is Goron Tula made up of?

The identified components of this miracle fruit are: 

  • Alkaloids
  • Amino Acids 
  • Ascorbic Acid 
  • Carotenoids
  • Tannins
  • Cyanogenic Glycosides 
  • Flavonoids


Where is Goron Tula found?

It is commonly found in Tula, a community in Kaltungo Local Government Area of Gombe State, and Michika, a community in Adamawa State. 

The two communities are in located northern Nigeria.


Health Benefits of Goron Tula:

  • Goron Tula and fertility:

People living in the northern part of Nigeria consume this fruit a lot due to its fertile friendly nature. It was reported that one would hardly find a couple living in the community where this fruit is found without a child. 

The antibacterial, antifungal, antihyperglycemic, antimalarial, antioxidant, and iron absorption properties in the fruit have made it widely recommended for people who are waiting to conceive.

  • Goron Tula works for cough relief:

The antioxidants in Goron Tula treat inflammation of the respiratory system. Chew some Goron Tula fruits regularly to be relieved from your cough.

  • The Miracle Fruit tackles Liver problems:

The Carotenoids in Goron Tula helps in purifying the body system. This boosts the liver and helps it to clean your system and also improve your immunity.

  • Goron Tula and Menstruation problems:

As stated earlier, Goron Tula contains Flavonoids which happens to be great for pain relief. For this purpose, people who have an ulcer and other pain issues can add Goron Tula to their diet. It would help address the inflammation that may be causing the pain.

  •  Goron Tula Prevents Cancer:

This has been made possible also because of the antioxidants in the fruit. They assist the body to fight anti-bodies that may damage one’s cells. 

  • Goron Tula for Diabetes:

This fruit is great for lowering blood sugar levels. The Snot apple helps in addressing oxidation that may trigger chronic diseases. A person suffering from diabetes can take a few fruits in the morning to regulate the blood sugar level.

It helps eyesight:

This miracle fruit plays a role in helping your eyesight become better.

Goron TulaWays To Use Goron Tula:

  • You can break the seed and chew it like gum.
  • You can eat the fruit raw when it rips.
  • You can mix the powder with pap, tea, and yogurt.
  • You can soak the dry snot apple in water or honey to make jelly or eat it like that
  • Another method of consuming silky kola is by boiling it and relishing it into porridge
  • Lastly, you can mix it with other herbs to give a perfect result.

Side Effects Of Goron Tula:

Like various herbal plants, Goron Tula has many remedial uses and some after-effects. The side effects include:

  • Cancer:

As much as it can prevent cancer, too much consumption of Goron Tula can also make one prone to cancer because it contains tannins. Tannic acid is a water-soluble polyphenol that is existent in many plant foods.

  • Hostile Reactions:

Fruits that have lots of Polyphenols as part of a healthy diet are harmless for most people.

Nevertheless, people with medical conditions or particular food allergies may need to avoid certain polyphenol-rich foods like Goron Tula.

How To Get Goron Tula:

You can buy the African Silky Kola online or from local markets near you in Northern Nigeria. It is also in Ghana and the price is quite affordable.

Click the video below for more information about Goron Tula


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