Benefits of Medical Detox for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation - Prevention Is Better Than Cure!!

Detoxifying your body is not simply flushing out the toxin out of your body. If this is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term detoxification, you are not wrong.

When patients suffer from extreme addiction, the first thing is to clear their system from the residual drugs and alcohol. But what happens when your system is clean? Do you go home? Is your recovery home?

Simply answer, No.

A lot will come after this part, and this is why we need to look into a drug detox near me because the following stages will be difficult. Medical detoxifications have been proven successful in fighting all the stages and motivating their patient towards their ultimate recovery.

Why Medical Detox Is The Best

Medical detox, along with drug detox kits, has received its good name for many success stories. If you are someone struggling from the difficult clutches of alcohol and drug addiction, then you can visit the company website to get all the correct information about healing and recovery.

Meanwhile, you can also check these points elaborating the benefits of alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

1. Medical Detoxification Cleanses The Body & Mind

When a patient is planning to get to the bottom of their recovery, the experts in medical detoxification understand the assignment. They ensure the body is cleaned from the last ounce of those substances.

It is making sure that the health is no more affected because of the toxic materials that have been consumed all this time. This is done by keeping the person in isolation for a long time. Then, once the body is cleared, they move to the mind.

The techniques used to clean and uproot the problem from within will be elaborated on later in the article. When patients are leaving a medical detox rehabilitation, there are very few chances of them relapsing.

2. Handling The Withdrawal Symptoms

The body is not very reactive in the first few days of a medical detox because of the residual substance still pumping inside the veins. However, once all of that is cleaned, the body will start sending physical signals for more substances.

This is known as the withdrawal period, and it is the most difficult time of the entire recovery process. During this withdrawal period, a patient’s body doesn’t seem in control. Some of the worst withdrawal symptoms are panic attacks, paranoia, and even borderline depression.

Some of the physical withdrawal symptoms start from nausea, vomiting and insomnia from withdrawal. Also, they can exceed constant shaking, fever, increased heart palpitations, and even heart failure in some worst cases.

These are some of the withdrawal symptoms which could only be controlled by the medical professional in the detoxification center. Since they have already dealt with so many patients, they have an idea about all the solutions that can help a patient not reach the point of relapse from pain.

3. They prevent Seizures And Heart Failures

In the case of extreme synthetic drug addictions, patients have collapsed because of seizures and even have heart failures as their withdrawal symptoms. But, with the medical world advancing rapidly, these symptoms are prevented by the medical professional in the detoxifying facility.

They are mostly done with the help of modern medicine, and this is not something you should be scared of. When we hear drugs preventing the withdrawal symptoms of other drugs, we tend to get a little suspicious. But, these drugs are prescribed and given in very controlled quantities to the patients.

With the twenty-hour supervision, experts make sure that the patients are not getting addicted or dependent on these drugs. They are given in small doses and mostly during the withdrawal symptom. These medicines actually decrease the urge of relapsing among the patients.

4. Cognitive Therapy

Although the mind is already attended to, during the withdrawal period, it is during the cognitive therapy that the patient's mental health comes into the forefront. The withdrawal follows this step because the rest of the journey depends on curing the min from within.

Patients go through a lot of therapy sessions, and through cognitive therapy, the problem is identified. This is when you will learn the deeper reasoning behind your addiction, what are the things that mostly trigger you and how you can fight them.

During this time, experts also insist upon family therapy. Some of the patients have problems stemming from their family environment, which leads to addiction. If these family issues are taken care of, then the patient can resume a much healthier atmosphere after their recovery.

5. Outpatient Treatment

Medical Detoxifications are generally inpatient as they give the experts control over the daily habits of their patients. Patients should also isolate themselves from the outside world to ensure a full recovery. Over here, they won’t be tempted or pressured into going back to old habits.

Rather the constant care and motivation will nurture them into a better future. Every day they will be taught about the positive lifestyle that stands after recovery. These inpatient facilities also have improvement charts that are shown to the patient. This visual representation of their successful recovery lessens the chance of relapse.

Once you are out of this facility, a new outpatient treatment starts. This is to ensure that the post-recovery withdrawal symptoms are kept in check. These are not extreme but can give thoughts of relapse. That's why supervision and therapy are still mapped by the experts for a few months before the patient is fully recovered.

Final Note

You do not have to suffer from the worst kind of substance addiction to enroll in a medical detox center. ‘Prevention is always better than cure.’ So if you feel that sudden urge to have one more glass, even though you had three.

If you are ‘trying’ a phase of recreational drugs exceeding the phase, then you can ask for the proper treatment. There is nothing to be ashamed of about getting treatment; it just means that you care about your well-being and want to prevent some dangerous consequences your habits might be bringing.

Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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