Major Exercise That Develop Your inner Strength


Each exercise starts from, the position of attention: heels together, toes slightly separated; body erect on hips and inclined a little forward; shoulders square and even, arms hanging naturally. The three preliminary exercises are very simple.

First, raise the arms to a horizontal position, then straight above the head; lower them again.
Second, raise the arms and, foreing the elbows back, place the hands on the hips: then lower them again to the sides.

Third, raise the arms once more and, again forcing back the elbows, touch the finger-tips the back of the neck. Repeat each of these movements several times.   Proceed with the other exercises as follows :

First Exercise :

Raise arms sideways to a horizontal position; turn the palms upward and force the arms back as far as possible: while in this position, count from one to ten, and at each count describe a complete circle about twelve Inches in diameter, the arms remaining stiff and pivoting from the shoulders. Then reverse the direction and do another ten of them.

Second Exercise:

Raise arms as before to horizontal. Then, while taking a deep breath, raise the arm to an angle of forty-five degrees, and also raise the heels until you are resting on the balls of the feet. Then, while you let out the breath,come back to the original position, feet flat on the floor, arms horizontal. Be careful not to raise the arms more than forty-five degrees, or return them to below horizontal. Do this ten times.

Third Exercise :

Raise arms as before to horizontal. Place hands behind the neck, index fingers touching, elbows forced
back. While in this position, bend the body slowly forward from the waist as far as possible. Return to upright position and bend backward. Do not make these movements jerky and do not hurry through them.

Repeat the whole movement. bending forward, then straightening up, then bending
backward, five times.

Fourth Exercise:

Raise arms as before to horizontal. Turn the left palm upward; then raise the left arm and lower the
right until the right is down close to the side and the left is straight up overhead. Then slowly bend the body sideways from the waist, the right arm slipping down the right leg to or below the knee, and the left arm bending in half a circle downward over the head, until the fingers touch the right ear.

Return to original position and go down the other way, the left arm slipping along the left leg, the right arm bending in half a circle over the left ear. Do this five times.

Fifth Exercise:

(A) Raise arms as before to horizontal.
Move the left foot twelve inches from the right. Bend the fists and lower arms down from the elbows. Then curt the fists upward into the armpits, bending the head backward meanwhile until you look upward at the ceiling. Take a deep breath as you bend the head back and let it out as you come back to the original position, head erect, arms at horizontal.

(B) Then, without resting, extend the arms straight forward from the shoulders, palms down let the arms begin to fall and the body to bend forward from the waist, head up, eyes to the front, until the body has reached the limit of motion, and the arms have passed the sides and been forced back and up as far as possible.

Exhale as you go down, and inhale as you straighten up. Do the whole exercise five times.

Sixth Exercise:

Move the right foot until the heels are about twelve inches apart. Raise arms to horizontal. Bend
knees and, with the weight on the toes, lower the body almost to the heels, keeping the trunk as nearly erect as possible. Do this ten times.
Seventh Exercise:

Raise arms as before to horizontal.
Stretch the arms straight above the head, fingers interlocked, arms touching ears. Then, with the fingers still interlocked, describe a complete circle about twenty-four inches in diameter, the body-bending only at the waist. Do this five times.

Then repeat the movement five times but in the opposite direction.
Go through the entire movement, bending the body in its rotation as far as possible from the hips.

Eighth Exercise :

(A) Move the right foot until heels are twelve inches apart. Raise arms to horizontal and turn the
body to the left from the hips, the arms remaining horizontal until the face is to the left, the right arm pointing straight forward, and the left arm straight backward.

(B) While in this position, bend the body from the waist,
so that the right arm goes down until the right fingers touch the floor midway between the feet, and the left arm goes up.

The right knee must be slightly bent to accomplish this. Reverse the movement, moving the left foot until the heels are twelve inches apart, and turning the body to the right this time, until the left-hand points straight forward, then bending downward until the fingers of the left hand touch the floor.

Return each time to the original position, body erect, arms horizontal. After you have mastered this exercise, you can go through it (A and B) in one continuous motion.

Repeat the whole (A and B) first to the right, then to the left, ten times.

Ninth Exercise :

Raise arms to horizontal; then upward until they are straight overhead: then let them fall forward
and downward, while the body bends forward from the waist, and the arms have passed the sides and been forced upward and backward as far as possible.

Remember, as you bend forward, to keep the head up, and the eyes to the front. Straighten. The body to upright, with the arms overhead · Then lower the arms to the horizontal position, with
the palms turned upward, and the arms and shoulders forced hardback. Then raise arms upward and begin the movement again.

Repeat this entire movement five times, forcing the air
out of the lungs as the body bends forward, and filling the
lungs again as the body straightens.


Exercises to  Develops Your Inner muscles

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Major Exercise That Develop Your inner Strength
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