Disposable e-shisha has become popular recently because it enables social smoking due to flavors that eliminate the obnoxious smell associated with cigarettes. In addition, it is a safe alternative, and you can smoke without getting addicted. However, the popularity has led to an increase in the number of brands selling the pods, complicating the selection process and ruining the smoking experience if you get your choice wrong. Here are the features that guarantee you the best smoking experience.

Filling Volume

These pods are disposable, and you need to get as many puffs as possible from them. The filling volume determines the number of puffs. E-shishas from reputable brands like Elfbar come with a sizeable filling volume that gives you hundreds of puffs before the need for replacement. Therefore, it'd be best to check the volume in the product description when buying it. Note that a large filling volume will be ideal if you are in for a long smoking experience. In contrast,a smaller volume is ideal if you want a subtle experience and exploring with different flavors.


The pod's design goes a long way in giving you the best smoking experience if you do it discretely. A good disposable e-shisha is small-sized, enabling public smoking without drawing attention. Such pods are also lightweight to enable portability and have an ergonomic design with an oval mouthpiece that doesn't force your mouth intoan unnatural position during use. It'd be best to check such details for the best experience.


Struggling with your e-shisha pod is the last thing you want. Efficient e-shisha pens come with unmatched functionality like the ease of use since they generate steam by automatic draw. In addition, such pods have leakage protection to minimize the wastage of nicotine salt e-liquid and don't require any maintenance. You can learn about the pod's functionality through reviews of other customers who have tried it.

Vapor Production

The e-shisha uses a battery, and drawing many times can deplete it quickly. This features calls for large vapor production for faster satisfaction. E-shisha pods from reputable brands produce large vapor in one draw,guaranteeingthe best smoking experience.However, you can't assume the vapor produced is the same in all pods. For that reason, it will help to check if the seller mentions it in the product description or inquire from customer support.

Battery capacity

A good e-shisha pod such as theElfbar has a battery life that outlives the e-liquid. This feature is essential because these disposable pods have in-built batteries that aren't rechargeable. The batteries dying before you deplete the nicotine liquid are a waste. It'd be best to check if the pod has at least a 550 mAh battery that will serve you well. Most brands mention this feature but asking for certainty would be best.

Stylish e-shisha is trending for good reasons, such as the aroma of their flavors and sleek designs. However, not all are good for your smoking experience. Some are poorly designed, which will leave you regretting buying the pod. Therefore, it is best to check the features you have read here and buy an e-shisha pod that will serve you well.


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