Let's start by trying to picture how your life would be if, one day, you woke up and your spine no longer functions as well as it should. The human spine is the foundation of the body. Without it, you can’t walk, stand, sit, and go about the normal life as human beings do. Essentially, the spine is what’s responsible for keeping the entire body in place.

Going even deeper, the spine serves as the protective layer of another very important body part: the spinal cord. This is the main connecting organ from the brain to the body’s other internal organs. When an individual suffers spinal problems through poor health or through an accident, it’s expected that the effects can often be severe.

Are you ready to have optimal spinal health as one of your health goals for this year? Here are some tips you can apply.

 1. Visit A Chiropractor

When needed, it’s a plus to have spinal adjustments done by a licensed chiropractor Colorado Springs for chiropractic care. This refers to that form of complementary medicine based on the idea that your body can heal better with the help of hands-on manipulation from a licensed chiropractor. This is often one of the treatments of choice by those who suffer from chronic pain.

However, this isn’t to say that it’s only when you have chronic pain that you should see a chiropractor. In fact, visiting one when needed is a good proactive approach to having good spinal health.

Generally, each session with your chiropractor will focus on the spine. But, they can also work with other parts of your body, depending on your body’s needs.

 2. Develop A Good Exercise Regimen

If you haven’t been exercising regularly recently, you should now take the time to give yourself a good workout. Developing a good exercise regimen can help ensure good-functioning bones and muscles of your body in staying fit and healthy.

If you already have an exercise regimen, have it checked by a sports coach to ensure that what you’re doing is good for your spine. Not everyone is born equal or with the same health problems. And particularly, if you already suffer from back issues, you need to tweak your exercise regimen to make it work well for your condition. Otherwise, you may not be aware of it, but perhaps your exercise routine is actually doing you more harm than good.

3. Eat Healthy

Proper nutrition is needed to support good spinal development and repair the spinal bone and tissue problems. You are what you eat, and there’s so much truth to that. Having a proper diet can help ensure your body stays in optimum condition to strengthen any spinal issues you may also be experiencing.

To help you out, here’s a list of some of the best foods to incorporate into your diet for good spinal health:

  • Milk, cheese and other dairy-rich food;
  • Sardines;
  • Green leafy vegetables like broccoli and cabbage;
  • Nuts;
  • Soya beans.

 4. Maintain A Healthy Weight

There's a reason why doctors give patients a body mass index (BMI) to adhere to. It is the ideal ratio for you to follow, with your weight vis-a-vis your height. If you haven’t done so yet, check with your doctor what your BMI is, you can at least aim to have that number.

Surely, you’d be aware by now of the dangers of being overweight. Among the many, the spine is one of the body parts that’ll also suffer the most. Excess weight may impair the spine’s health, as it’ll have to work harder to keep your body’s posture when you stand, sit, and walk. Moreover, the increased risk of developing certain diseases may also intensify the likelihood of weakening various organs of your body – the spine, included.

5. Check Your Posture

Do you catch yourself slouching regularly when at work? It is often common particularly for those who work behind their desk for extended periods. It may not affect you just now, but as you age, slouching too frequently will have adverse effects on your spine health.

Make it a point to ensure your spine doesn’t work against its natural alignment or curvature. When it does, you may damage the sensitive nerves in your spine.

Need a good tip to do this, despite having to sit in your job the whole day? Take a few breaks in between to give your body a good stretch. It's also worth investing in ergonomic chairs and furniture, particularly if you’re working for long hours.


If you’ve been regularly experiencing back or neck pain, that could be a signal to go and see a chiropractor and a doctor. Don't take these matters as something to self-medicate. Remember that the spine is a very important foundational part of your body, don't take any risks. The tips above should give you an overall idea of what you should do for good spine health. On top of your doctor’s advice, you, too, can take an active role in potentially improving your spinal health.



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