What is the difference between dental tape and dental floss?


Dental tape and dental floss are almost the same things, but they are different in their forms and how they perform the work of cleaning your teeth.

The dental tape as a strip of nylon that is waxed in nature or polythene fiber used in cleaning every surface of your teeth and spaces in between them. It can slide in between your teeth more easily because the dental tape has a flat surface that can clean this part thoroughly.

What is the difference between dental tape and dental floss?

Meanwhile, the dental floss like a thining cord is made up of filaments that are used for the purpose of removing food debris (particles) and plaque between your teeth. In a gentle motion insert the floss between teeth in a C shape. Your toothbrush can not clean below the gum line thoroughly or between teeth, that’s why dental floss and dental tape comes in handy and are used to clean every area of your mouth more effectively.

If you have never been taught how to floss your teeth here are a few tips on the correct flossing technique.

Difference between dental floss and a dental tape

The difference between dental floss and a dental tape is that the dental tape is flatter, and it is a bit more stretchy than dental floss. Dental floss has been in existence for over a decade since the time of strings were produced. In recent time, a lot of changes has been made to dental floss to soothe your needs by adding mint and cinnamon flavors.

Meanwhile, a dental tape is a kind of recent creativity compared to the dental floss. Some individuals prefer dental tape over dental floss because it slides in and out easily in between the gaps of their teeth. Also, it does not hurt your gums the way dental floss at times does.

The first dental floss is credited to Levi Spear Palmy, who was a dentist operating from New Orleans. In 1815, he had advised the public that people should clean their teeth using silk floss. In 1898, the first patent for dental floss was issued to Johnson & Johnson corporation. Dental tape is, however, a more modern invention compared to dental floss.
However, the difference in the use of dental tape and dental floss rests mainly with you and which one provides more comfort to you than the other. There is no significant difference in the cost implications of the two. The main difference between dental floss and a dental tape is that dental tape is wider than dental floss by a millimeter or so.
The method of flossing irrespective of whether one uses dental floss or dental tape is however similar. The first step would be to break off approximately 18 inches of floss and wind its ends on both of your middle fingers. The floss should be held tightly with an inch of floss between the holding fingers. The next step would be to gently place the floss in the space between the gum and the tooth until a slight resistance is felt. Gently scrape the side of the tooth moving away from the gum.
This should be performed on all teeth. It is necessary to floss daily. At least once a day so as to eliminate plaque from your teeth. If this plaque is not removed, it becomes harden over time and form dental calculus that would lead to cavities and gum disease. Choosing the right dental floss and dental tape depends on the one that you find comfortable to use. Both are however effective in ensuring that teeth are clean and plaque free.


Now, over to you. Which dental floss or dental tape you find convenient to use?

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What is the difference between dental tape and dental floss?
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