Traumatic Brain Injuries and How They Affect Lives


We’ve all been in an accident one way or the other, with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) being one of the most serious. If you’ve been in an accident that caused an object to hit your head, or if your loved one is having trouble after such an accident, this article is for you.

What Are Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Traumatic brain injuries are classified as function-altering injuries to the brain caused by external forces. The factors causing TBIs affect individuals of all age groups – from babies with Shaken Baby Syndrome to sports and workplace injuries that the safest of individuals can face to vehicle accidents, assault, and military activities.

TBIs can be both non-penetrating and penetrating, so anything from a blow to a gunshot wound can contribute to them. Here are some traumatic brain injury statistics:

TBI Symptoms: What to Watch Out For

Your brain commands your body, and Traumatic Brain Injuries affect the normal processes of the brain. Consequently, your daily life can change drastically because of them. Remember that no single test can determine whether a person has a TBI. Doctors assess the situations on a case-to-case basis. Here are some signs to watch out for after any injury to the head:

Physical Symptoms

The intensity of these will vary depending on the severity of the injury. You can face nausea, lethargy, fainting, and headaches in milder cases. But in severe cases, the effects go as far as to include

  • Problems with seeing: blurring, doubling, increased light sensitivity, loss of eye movement, and blindness
  • Numbness or tingling in the body
  • Problems in balancing and moving
  • Slower pulse and dilated pupils
  • Fluid secretion from ears and nose
  • Breathing problems, including a slow rate
  • Hearing issues
  • Weak muscles, including mouth, facial, and eye muscles. These also affect swallowing, bowel, and bladder control
  • Coma
  • Paralysis

Psychological Symptoms

One of the most destructive impacts of TBI is how it can make a person lose their own selves. The psychological effects include:

  • Confusion
  • Difficulty in speaking because of slurred speech or problems in forming words
  • Problems in understanding words
  • Inappropriate emotional responses
  • Cognitive difficulties

How TBI Impacts Lives

As can be seen by looking at the symptoms, the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury can leave an individual scarred. The consequences vary depending on the severity of the condition.

In the case of a mild injury, you’ll have to slow your life down and adjust your schedules till you recover. Nausea, perpetual exhaustion, and headaches may be common, so you’ll need to give the brain and the body time to heal. Focusing on the tasks at hand will be hard; make reminders, do not attempt to multi-task, and do not indulge in giving yourself deadlines. Any stress can be detrimental to your recovery in such a case. The damage to the brain will heal with time.

Moderate to severe brain injuries can leave long-lasting and even permanent effects. The victim can look fine at first glance but have difficulties in moving, conversing, thinking, and planning. Loss of senses can also prevail. They may also require assistive devices and medical care. Many patients need immediate surgeries as well.

Seeking Help: Compensation and Lawsuits

Oftentimes, accidents are not the fault of the victims who have to bear their cost; improperly distributed consequences contribute to injustice within society. If you’ve been in an accident where an individual neglected their responsibility toward you, for example, by driving unsafely, you’re entitled to receive the damages. In such a case, it is essential that you file a lawsuit to ensure that you are adequately compensated.

TBI lawsuits may have a time limit, often one year within the accident, in which the victim can file to seek compensation. You must keep track of each and every change related to your mental and physical abilities after suffering a blow to the head. Whether it’s a twitching facial muscle, cloudy thought process, or impaired vision, there can be a serious underlying injury making your body perform abnormally. Keep a close eye and seek medical attention on time. Stay in touch with your primary healthcare provider and make them monitor your symptoms. Your quality of life can be at stake, do not take anything lightly.

It’s essential that you hire qualified brain injury lawyers. The need further intensifies if you have a loved one who’s unable to think through properly or is facing paralysis after an accident. Only a qualified expert will get expert testimonials timely and be able to help you with court proceedings without the victim facing more distress, as that can be detrimental to their healing process.


Mishaps are a part of life and an individual’s learning curve. However, some of these can be too severe and alter lives forever. Be cautious and protect yourself to the best of your abilities. In the case you do get into an accident, seek medical help immediately and closely track any changes in your body and mind. Having insurance will give you a financial cushion to fall upon in such an unpredictable time. If your doctor suspects a traumatic brain injury, contact medical and legal experts to ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to.


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