4 Exceptional Tips For Caring For Someone with TBI


In the 21st century, trauma brain injury (TBI) has become common. The use of automobiles is one reason for the increase in these cases. TBI injuries occur due to a jolt or violent blow on your head. It can occur during a car accident or bullet that impacts your skull.

When one suffers a brain injury, they require extra care to help them recover. This aspect can pose a significant challenge, particularly when the case is severe. The issue will need you to take up the role of a caregiver for the patient. So, if you are wondering how to go about it, here are some tips to consider:

Understand the type of brain injuries

To offer the best care for a brain injury sufferer, you need to understand their condition. Humans are different and have no homogenous brain injury. What your patient needs will be different from other individuals with a similar problem.

Working with the patient’s doctor is crucial in ensuring efficient and effective care. The doctor will offer detailed information about the type of brain injury affecting your loved one. This way, you will pick the right approach to care for them.

Prioritize exercise rehab

The trauma brain injury impacts the survivor’s ability to plan or take the initiative. As the caregiver, it is your role to ensure they get back on the right track. Encourage them to participate in rehab exercises.

Prioritizing these exercises can enable them to do things by themselves. The exercises offer a re-learning process. Ensuring the survivors do them allows them to do something independently without requiring your assistance. So, always prioritize rehab exercises when taking care of a TBI survivor.

Be mindful of your conversation

How you communicate with a TBI survivor is vital. Some survivors will suffer a condition known as aphasia post-TBI. The condition denies them the ability to express themselves as they have the challenge to understand or produce language. However, this does not mean they cannot hear you.

Never shout to these people to get your point to them. Instead, repeat the statement until you understand each other. Also, consider tbi treatment at Haven House for advice from the aphasia profession on communicating with the survivor effectively. This way, you will have a mindful conversation that does not impact the patient negatively.

Take care of yourself

Sometimes, taking care of a patient can make you neglect yourself. You will find someone missing lunch or dinner as they take up the caregiving tasks full-time. Doing this will not only affect your mind but also will hurt your health and wellness.

Though a TBI survivor is your priority, you should not neglect yourself. Eat well and take some breaks. You can consider working with other family members on a caregiving task.

As well, joining a caregiver support group can be a good idea. This way, you will improve your well-being while offering the best care to your patient.

In a word, a traumatic brain injury survivor requires attentive care. So, consider applying the above tips to ensure they get the best care and support to fasten their recovery.


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