7 Tips Dentist in Sunshine Would Want Every Travel Buff to Know 


Travel enthusiasts may find it challenging to care for their teeth in their hectic schedules and taking care of your teeth. At the same time, travelling goes beyond just packing your toothpaste and toothbrush. While not in your home base, it is crucial to take care of your oral health and dental health. Here is a to-do list of the things your dentist in Sunshine recommends you do before you go on a vacation. 

  1. Schedule Your Dental Checkup Before You Leave 

Regular visits to the dentist are imperative for long-term oral care. It becomes more important when planning for a trip to visit your dentist before your trip. The dentist will spot any underlying dental problems at an early stage and rectify the same. The dental visit before your trip will give you complete peace of mind. 

  1. Have Your Dentists Number Handy?

An emergency can strike anywhere; it is essential to have the dentists’ contact info handy so that you can take their advice on the go. A dentist will tell you about the dental concerns that require immediate attention and problems that can be addressed once you reach home. In addition, a family dentist is aware of your case history and will be able to guide you better. 

  1. Pack Your Bags Properly 

Forgetting to pack your toothbrush is quite common. Therefore, it is vital to keep a separate pouch with all your dental care essentials like a toothbrush, tongue cleaner, tissues, a reel of floss, interdental brush, and a small bottle of mouth wash. Then, every time you travel, all you need to do is toss the pouch in your bag. 

  1. Dry Your Toothbrush 

Damp toothbrushes are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to keep your brush in your bag only once it has completely dried. However, it may not be feasible to dry your toothbrush every time. In such cases, you can opt for disposable brushes or be mindful of drying your brush as soon as you reach your destination. 

  1. Pack A Sugarless Gum 

Chewing sugarless gum will help reduce cavities. It aids in saliva secretion that kills the harmful bacteria that leads to cavities. In addition, chewing sugarless gum for about twenty minutes after meal maintains keeps teeth in good shape. 

  1. Cleaning Teeth If You Forget Your Brush

If you forget your brush, remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly; you could also take toothpaste on your clean finger and clean your teeth until you can purchase a toothbrush from the drugstore. Opt for brushes with soft bristles. 

  1. Once You Are Back, Resume Your Routine

Once you return, it is important to get back to your regular brushing routine, dental floss, and mouthwash rinse. Visit the dentist regarding the pending dental concern which you had put off due to the trip. 


Regular dental check-ups and daily dental care go a long way in maintaining healthy teeth for a lifetime. However, frequent travelling could disrupt your routine and lead to improper dental care. Therefore, it is essential to establish healthy practices to keep your teeth in good shape if you are a travel buff. 


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