4 Signs Of Depression In Teens That You Should Never Ignore

Teenage is a prime stage in everyone’s life. It marks a transition phase from childhood to adulthood. During this time every teen experiences emotional and moody instances. As a parent, you cannot tell whether their mood is normal or an indicator of a mental issue. Teen depression is becoming a serious aspect, particularly in this digital age.

Statistics indicate that at least one out of every five teens experience depression in their journey to adulthood. However, the inability to detect this aspect earlier can turn into a life-threatening issue. The good thing is that there are aspects you can notice in a depressed teen. Here are four of these signs:

Aggression or withdrawal

Withdrawal is the first sign you can notice in a depressed teen. If your teenager is experiencing depression, they are likely to lose interest in what they love. For instance, they have zero interest in playing football or taking part in clubs. Instead, they start to spend time alone or in the online sphere. However, withdrawal is not the only sign depressed teens show.

Some teenagers become aggressive. You will notice that your cool kid is now having a conflict with family members and friends. Also, they become hostile and irritated. When you see this behavior changes in your teens, it is a sign that they are undergoing depression.

Suicidal thoughts

Like other people, depressed teens have suicidal thoughts. Your child can share with you or their friends about their desire to end their life. Some teens may not talk out their thoughts. However, as a parent, you can know the possibility of such thoughts through assessing their remarks and behavior.

For instance, your child starts getting ready to die by doing away with their important and treasured items. Others talk and comment more about death and their wishes to die. Also, some teens will reach out to friends and loved ones and say goodbye to them. Other indicators of suicidal thoughts include hurting self and looking for ways to commit suicide.

Poor or lack of concentration

Is your teenager becoming restless and finding it hard to make simple decisions? These aspects are an indicator of depression in teens. Teenagers suffering from depression will rarely concentrate. They experience difficulties in accomplishing simple tasks. Some will spend a lot of time to think about a simple issue and resolving it.

While in school, you can know that your child is experiencing depression if notice a fall in grades and frequent failure to complete their homework. Remember to monitor their ability to manage their emotions.

Low self-esteem

Self-esteem is crucial to everyone including your teen. As you know, low self-esteem is a player in suicidal thoughts. Teens with depression feel worthless and criticize themselves in most cases. As well, you’ll find them concentrating on the negatives in their lives than the positive aspects.

In a word, teen depression is a reality, particularly in this Covid-19 pandemic season. Every parent needs to monitor their kids to notice early red flags of depression. Looking at the above signs, you will rule out whether your teen is experiencing depression or normal emotional changes.


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