Postinor-2, popularly known as the “morning-after pill,” is an emergency contraceptive. It’s a type of contraceptive that’s taken after s3x to help prevent pregnancy when no other methods of preventing pregnancy were used before intercourse.

When taken within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse, it is used to prevent pregnancy. Postinor-2 is predicted to prevent 85 per cent of planned pregnancies.

If used during the first 24 hours after unprotected intercourse, 95 per cent of expected pregnancies would be averted; but, if taken between 48 and 72 hours following unprotected intercourse, only 58 per cent of expected pregnancies will be prevented.

It’s unclear whether Postinor-2 works if it’s taken more than 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

It comes in two pills that must be taken within 72 hours of s3x, and because it is simple to use, accessible, and associated with the belief that it prevents pregnancy, many females have begun to take the drug daily to avoid pregnancy, and we all know that too much of anything is bad, especially when it comes to the body system.

So Does Postinor-2 Have Any Side Effects?

All medicines have side effects, but often they are not serious. The manufacturers of this drug have created this drug with many safeguards in place and with extensive tests, the drug was seen to have no side effects except the consumer of the drug is pregnant, has breast cancer, is allergic to any of the ingredients used to make the drug, is experiencing vaginal bleeding or the female is under other medications that react negatively to postinor-2 when it is taken.

So with these, it is easy to assume that postinor-2 is just as safe as other drugs provided one follows the instructions on the packet enclosing the drug.

Well, let’s be clear about some things. Postinor-2 as an emergency contraceptive is not meant to be taken regularly, but many women take this for granted and a rather surprising and alarming number of them sees the drug as a pregnancy stopper and that it is also capable of preventing s3xually transmitted diseases (STDS) and the drug can also work anytime and anywhere to prevent pregnancy, and due to this belief, this drug is used way above its intended basis, and of course, this will lead to complications because the body system has never liked too much of anything.

For example, we all know that eating too many sweet things can cause diabetes and too much ingestion of carbohydrates causes kwashiorkor. So this means taking that too much taking of this drug will bring about side effects and some of these effects might be fatal or critical.

Postinor-2 medication is meant to serve as an emergency for those very rare times someone forgot to use a condom, or when someone is not certain about the effectiveness of some other form of contraceptive he/she is using, but when it is now used regularly, it affects the body system.

Just like most drugs, frequent use of this drug causes headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, but the most fatal side effect of postinor-2 on women due to prolonged and frequent use of it is the effect it has on menstruation.



Being a hormone, regular use of postinor-2 reacts negatively with menstrual cycles. Repeated use of the drug leads to irregular cycles, missed periods, and prolonged bleeding because this drug contains one common female hormone, levonorgestrel, a progestin, and consist of hormone that prevents pregnancy mainly by delaying or preventing ovulation, thus preventing fertilization and if the drug is regularly used, ovulation comes to an abnormal standstill and this will disturb the body’s homeostasis thereby leading to complications.

The reproductive system of females consists of complex functions and menstruation is one of these functions, and it works in symphony with ovulation and fertilization, and menstruation is affected, these other reproductive functions are also affected and of course, you know how important reproduction is, and when these functions are affected, it leads to major complications.

Regular and prolonged use of this drug unnecessarily delays women’s menstrual cycle and the cycle may come earlier at an unexpected time, consequently, fertilization and the ovarian cycle which is crucial for pregnancy is also affected.


This side effect places them at the risk of infertility, because too much postinor-2 will weaken the wall of the womb and damage the uterus, and of course, this will cause miscarriages in the future, such that at the time when a woman is ready to get pregnant, things just somehow refuse to happen and this is because the woman has ingested the drug very frequently to the extent that the drug had put things in hold for too long and when those things are needed to function, they just refuse to function.

In conclusion, it is simply important to know that postinor-2 is not a typical regular contraceptive. It has its time limit and it should only be used when necessary.

It should not be used too frequently, not more than six to twelve tablets a year and one should never take beyond the two required tablets at each point of use.

It is also important to know that Postinor-2 will not prevent you from catching s3xually transmitted diseases. No matter how long you use the drug, it can never prevent you from picking HIV or any other form of s3xually transmitted disease.

Women should always ask their doctor or pharmacist if they have any questions about why they are taking Postinor-2. Postinor-2 is an emergency contraceptive only. Postinor-2 is not designed to be used as a regular contraceptive.

In some extreme cases; hypertension, heart failure, stroke, migraines, breast tenderness, epilepsy, kidney problems, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidaemia, depression, and even suicide have been reported following the prolonged use of this drug.

All these and many of the menstrual disharmonies, such as painful periods, endometriosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and infertility can be avoided by taking better care and observing the right precautions when using postinor-2.


The Postinor-2 is designed to work in a similar way to the female hormone progesterone, which means it may help you avoid becoming pregnant if you take it within a suitable amount of time.

If used as directed, it might cause ovulation to be delayed or stopped.

Postinor-2 acts by interfering with the sperm and egg’s passage and making it harder for them to meet if ovulation has already occurred.

It also changes the uterine lining, making it uninhabitable for the fertilized egg to embed itself.

Postinor-2 should be taken no later than three days after having intercourse without protection. It is, however, more successful when medication is started closer to the time of the s3xual contact.


Effects Of Postinor-2 On The Womb

Too much postinor-2 has been shown to have effects on the womb such as weakening the walls of the womb and can cause damage to the uterus. Which can later result in miscarriage in the future.

The sign that shows that there is a problem with the uterus is when bleeding occurs between periods or after six days. Causes can also include; fibroids, cancer, hormones, infection, thyroid problems, polyps, or pregnancy.

When to turn to your doctor?

  1. When your period is more than a week late or it is unusually heavy or light.
  1. When you have concerns about your health or recommendation on the most suitable contraception for you.
  1. When you have sudden or unusual pain in the lower abdomen and your period is late.

Can Postinor-2 cause infertility?

Postinor-2 does not cause infertility. However, it should only be used in an emergency and not as a routine contraceptive strategy. Your menstrual cycle may be disrupted if you take too much postinor-2.

This emergency contraception is not intended to be used as a normal contraceptive technique. Postinor-2 is a medication that is designed to be given after unprotected intercourse in order to prevent pregnancy. Postinor-2 is thought to prevent roughly 90% of unintended pregnancies, although it does not guarantee that a pregnancy will not occur.

This emergency tablet works by preventing the ovaries from producing an egg, preventing sperm from fertilizing an egg that has already been released or preventing a fertilized egg from attaching itself to the uterine lining. If you are already pregnant, this emergency contraception will not work.

It may help you avoid becoming pregnant, but you must take the first pill within 72 hours (three days) after having s3x without protection. That’s when it’s at its best. The second pill should be taken 12 hours (but no more than 16 hours) after the first.

Note however that an overdose of postinor-2 weakens the uterine wall and damages the uterus. This will result in subsequent miscarriages.

Stop using it as a means of family planning. Consult a doctor about long-term contraceptive options that have fewer adverse effects and are more effective in preventing conception.

Finally, I prefer condoms since drug usage is harmful. It may not work all the time, and it negatively affects a woman’s body.


This article is intended to educate the general public about postinor-2 and those not standing in place of a doctor. So we recommend you consult your doctor for further clarification.

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