Treadmills are a preferred type of exercise equipment for people who don’t have the time, money or desire to work out at a gym. Whether you personally own one or not, you’re probably familiar with how a treadmill works. You step on it, use the control panel to set your preferred speed and incline percentage, then start walking on the circulating treadmill belt.

But what if you’re suffering from some type of lower-body injury that prevents you from walking on the treadmill or participating in any type of strenuous weight-bearing exercise? How can you get the activity you need to help your body recover without injuring yourself even further? The anti-gravity treadmill may be the answer. Here’s what you should know about this innovative exercise/physical therapy machine and how it can change your life.

How Does an Anti-Gravity Treadmill Work?

The Alter G anti gravity treadmill is often used in physical therapy sessions to help patients exercise without the full weight of their bodies coming down on their legs and feet. The treadmill works by supporting some or all of your body weight.

To use an anti-gravity treadmill for exercise or Oklahoma City physical therapy, the patient first puts on a pair of special shorts over the top of their existing clothing. Next, they step into the treadmill chamber, which zips around the shorts. Air pressure helps support the weight of the body. The patient or a physical therapist can then adjust the anti-gravity treadmill as needed to get the correct amount of support for the patient’s needs.

Once the machine is calibrated, the patient can walk on it just like they would walk on a regular treadmill. The only difference is that part of their weight is supported by the machine, which can make it easier and safer to exercise while recovering from various injuries or working to strengthen certain muscles.

Benefits of Anti-Gravity Treadmill Technology

If you need to receive physical therapy in Oklahoma City Midtown – Oklahoma City, Colorado, you may be instructed to walk on an anti-gravity treadmill as part of your treatment. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive from such treatment:

  • Shortened recovery time. If you have a leg or foot injury, an anti-gravity treadmill may be able to help you heal the injured areas more quickly.
  • Improved safety. When your leg muscles are weak after an injury, it can be dangerous to try to get back to regular exercise too quickly. Anti-gravity treadmills are very safe because they require you to be strapped into them before you begin your exercise session.
  • Customizability: Anti-gravity treadmills are impressively customizable. You or your physical therapist can easily adjust them to bear as much weight as you want or need them to. They are also designed to fit around a wide variety of body types and sizes.

If you’ve been wondering how to recover from your lower body injuries without causing further pain and tension, consider using an anti-gravity treadmill. Look for a physical therapist in your area who offers this innovative treatment option.



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