What Are the Top 5 Services Medical Tourists Are Seeking in Dubai?

If you live in the United States, Asia, Great Britain, Italy, or any other European area, you know how difficult it can be to get certain medical procedures done. It could be that there are not enough doctors that specialize in what you need, or it could be that your insurance will not cover such a procedure for one reason or another.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals taking their medical issues overseas to Dubai. From skin problems to back issues and searching for a chiropractor in Dubai, the city has a fix for nearly every ailment known to man.

Here are the top 6 services that medical tourists are seeking when traveling to Dubai:

1. Dental Procedures

Many people throughout the world suffer from dental troubles. Unfortunately, dental insurance coverage is expensive and not easily obtained in many countries. Even if you are diligent and take great care of your teeth, you will still run into problems as you age. There is also the issue of different types of water that contribute to the decay of teeth. Not everyone has access to fluoride-treated water, which is a large help in keeping teeth healthy.

There is an entire hospital dedicated to dental procedures located in Dubai. They accept several different types of insurance and are happy to help anyone needing to fix their teeth in order to be healthier and more confident.

2. Dermatological Procedures

There are several different hospitals and clinics in Dubai dedicated to dermatology and helping people with their skin concerns. From acne treatments and Botox, fillers, and everything in between, the experienced dermatologist will help you heal and put your best face forward.

Considering the skin is the largest organ the human body has, dermatology is always in high demand. There are also a number of doctors that specialize in skin cancer, which is a major issue for certain ethnic groups and the general public that spends too much time in the sun.

3. Fertility

Fertility is a personal and painful issue that strikes many millions of couples around the world. The desire to have a biological child is always strong in both women and men. Fertility clinics are busier than ever and that includes many in Dubai. Beginning with testing to determine the cause of a couple's infertility, and ending with a successful pregnancy, the expert fertility doctors will care for not only the woman, but her partner and the entire family.

4. Ophthalmology

Many individuals of various ages suffer from an assortment of eye issues. Eye problems do not only affect the elderly, but can be debilitating and difficult to detect in younger children and infants. There are several different Ophthalmology clinics and eye hospitals in Dubai for anyone willing to travel to receive top-notch health care.

5. Orthopedics

Dubai offers those needing a hip or knee replacement the best orthopedics around. There are several specialists in orthopedics at each hospital and clinic. Additionally, many doctors use robotic-assisted machines for many bone surgeries. If it has to do with bones in the body, orthopedics can help.



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