Keeping Your Children's Teeth Healthy - Top Tips For Parents


Caring for your children’s teeth, ensuring they have good oral hygiene, is just as important as caring for their overall health. Poor oral care can often lead to infections and other diseases, causing children discomfort. If the infection worsens without treatment, we recommend getting a tooth extraction by a Dentist in Concord. Regular visits to the dentist and a daily oral hygiene routine works best to prevent your child from dealing with dental problems such as cavities and gum disease. Portobello Dental Clinic has offered some of their top tips for parents to keep their children’s teeth, mouth, and gums healthy.

How often should you take your children to the dentist?

By the time your child turns 2 years old, you should be taking them to visit a dentist twice a year, at least. Although you can take your child to the dentists as soon as teeth begin to grow to ensure they are healthy and there are no concerns. If your dentist raises any concerns with your child’s oral health, they will be sure to book you in for follow-up appointments to keep a closer watch over this.

Taking your children to the dentist from a young age will instil a positive attitude towards oral hygiene and dental care into their minds. A positive outlook towards visiting the dentist will encourage your child to take care of their mouth, teeth, and gums throughout their lives.

Caring for your children’s teeth at home

Any parent will know, getting your child to do something they must do can be a real challenge. Making dental hygiene fun for your children could help allow this important process to become a part of their daily routine.

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No matter how old your child is, their teeth should be cleaned for 2 minutes twice a day. The best times to do this within your day are after breakfast and before bed. With young children, dentists advise parents to supervise their children until they get the hang of brushing their teeth properly.

When brushing your children’s teeth, you should be using a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste, ensuring young children do not swallow this. Often dentists will recommend a children’s toothpaste to begin with. With a soft bristled brush, you should ensure the front and back of their teeth are cleaned well, removing any build-up of plaque.

To make this experience more enjoyable for your children, allow them to pick their own toothbrush. With a wide range of children’s toothbrushes available in supermarkets and pharmacies, they can pick a toothbrush in their favourite colour or branded with their favourite superhero or cartoon character. Importantly, you should also discuss with your children the importance of brushing their teeth and check with them that they like the taste of toothpaste you have picked for them.

How to prevent cavities

Cavities can be a big concern for parents, particularly as these are often much more common amongst children. Cavities are small holes that will form in the teeth, these occur when bacteria build up within the mouth. Many people do not realise that the bacteria which causes cavities can be passed onto young children and babies. So, good oral hygiene within the family home is vital in preventing cavities from developing. Children who consume lots of sugary foods and drinks are at a much higher risk of developing cavities. Therefore, good oral hygiene should also include reviewing your children’s diets to ensure they aren’t compromising their dental health. This should include limiting their consumption of sugary drinks and snacks, encouraging them to drink plenty of water and eat a well-balanced diet.


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