Fixing Teeth With Cosmetic Dentistry


We all love to have a picture-perfect smile defining the true persona of our face. A genuine and lovely smile is indeed remembered longer. If you have some issues with crooked or broken teeth, it can affect your self-confidence and esteem. You might be hiding to smile because of such irregularities out of embarrassment. We are fortunate that the world has a convenient and innovative solution to such problems. Cosmetic dentistry is dental treatments which enhance the appearance of the teeth, bite or the gum.

Dentistry has made great strides of progress in the preceding years, and cosmetic dentistry can help you with improving your teeth and smile for that extra boost of confidence that you need.  We will find out more about cosmetic dentistry here…

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry? 

The ultimate goal is to give you the pearly white smile which looks perfect every time. Many professionals love to call it a “smile makeover”. Educate and enhance your knowledge about this subject so you can gift yourself something life-changing.

What Are The Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Let us discuss some specific types of cosmetic dentistry and understand the details about each type of treatment…

1) Tooth Veneers and the lumineers: Veneers or the various lumineers used in cosmetic dentistry are porcelain shells matching the color of the existing teeth and are thin so they can be attached over the teeth surface effectively. Correct dental problems such as broken teeth, stained teeth, and gaps using this method.

2) Orthodontics: This is a specialized field of dentistry which diagnoses, prevents as well as provides corrective remedies for teeth or jaw which is not positioned correctly.

3) Crowns: Crowns or caps help in restoring broken or chipped teeth.


4) Bridges: As the name suggests, bridges fill a gap where there is a missing tooth or to close a gap.


5) White Fillings: These are used by dentists for people who have smaller gaps, chipped tooth, or filling edges of the teeth.


6) Teeth Whitening: Customized procedures can be availed in the clinic or even at home with supervised dentists to brighten up the smile in this process. Three types of teeth whitening methods are normally used and these are pure laser method, kick start laser and home kits.


7) Teeth Straightening:  You can straighten your teeth in two ways, and these are either with cosmetic dentistry or with orthodontics. 

What Is The Cost Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

cosmetic dentistry

The cost of any procedure in cosmetic dentistry varies based on multiple factors like the experience and skill of the dentist involved the location of the dental clinic, the treatment chosen, the complexity of the treatment, the materials used for cosmetic dentistry and the duration of the treatment. Typically, here is what you can expect to pay from an average session:


  • Teeth whitening: 300 – 1000 GBP
  • Veneers: 300 to 1500/200) GBP
  • Crowns: 300 to 1500/2000 GBP


Here are some of the main benefits of improving your smile:

  • Your appearance is improved: Because cosmetic dentistry works on your smile, it will improve your smile and you will look younger and healthier.
  • A boost to self-confidence: When you look good, you feel great about yourself. A nice smile will inject you with self-confidence and you will no longer have a problem with smiling for photographs.
  • Prevention of teeth damage: Corrective dentistry can help to prevent damage to the teeth.


Educating yourself constantly is extremely important if you are contemplating to undergo any cosmetic dentistry procedure. This is because when we know less there is a lot of speculation about the subject. Understanding the treatments and the procedures will clear our mind and help up make this decision fast.


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Fixing Teeth With Cosmetic Dentistry
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