How Rehab Helps People Maintain Sobriety


Addiction is an everyday battle for people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. Abstinence can be a very difficult task without the proper support and assistance, especially if it is the first time taking this step.

Success in the treatment of substance abuse disorders demands a multi-pronged approach. This includes dedicated care when a patient suffers from withdrawal symptoms, therapy sessions in both group and isolated environments, as well as constant follow-up treatment in the event of a relapse.

Rehab centers, like The Edge Treatment center, offer these services round-the-clock and they go a long way in helping recovering addicts maintain their sobriety.

Understanding Drug/Alcohol Treatment Centers

Drug/alcohol treatment centers help patients learn more about their addiction and how they can recover. They learn about the triggers that lead to substance abuse, the negative health effects of this chronic behaviour, as well as how certain people, situations, and habits can influence or enable substance abuse.

Patients will go through a detox phase before transitioning to a drug and alcohol treatment center. The detox process will allow the patient’s body to naturally flush out all drug or alcohol toxins from its system.

This will help the patient to safely manage any withdrawal symptoms they might have. The symptoms can range from mild to severe and can last for days or months depending on the substance involved, the length of time it was used, as well as the frequency, and quantity.

Home detoxes can be deadly, which is why rehab centers are ideal for helping patients maintain sobriety. Medical evaluations done at rehab centers are overseen by experienced and skilled personnel who screen patients for potential psychiatric or physical issues.

This is in addition to blood tests that help them determine the amount of medication they need to recover.

A Burden Shared Is a Burden Halved

One of the best things about rehab centers is their communal setup. Patients get to interact with each other and share their personal stories on how addiction has affected their lives as they go through the recovery process together.

Group therapy sessions are geared towards this objective by allowing patients to vent and find mutual support from their peers. Accountability is a big part of recovery from addiction. This is why groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous use a “Sponsor” system where a former substance abuser mentors a novice who is trying to stay sober.

The wealth of experience, psychological support, and spiritual guidance from such programs play a big part in helping patients recover from their addictions and work towards living healthier, sober lives.

Do Rehab Centers Work?

While addiction can place a lot of strain on the addict and their loved ones, rehab centers offer a viable method of treating and managing this problem. Relevant forms of therapy combined with constant evaluation and a holistic environment that encourages group support make it possible for addicts to have a successful recovery.

It is a lifelong process; one that will not just happen dramatically or on a moment-to-moment basis but over time. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

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