Effectiveness of Soma Pill For Body Pain


Back pain is one of the most common reasons for Americans to visit physicians in recent times. According to the Center for Disease Control that in the year 2016, about 20.4 percent of the adult in the United States of America suffered from the issue of body pain. This percent is seen to rapidly growing each year. Living with body pain can be hard. The ability to understand pain will take us back many years back as it is one of the oldest challenges in the history of medicine. Pain has a very important role in medical action and is a very meaningful tool. According to a report in a 2014 report on the Global burden of chronic pain, at least about 10% of the world’s population gets affected by chronic pain every year. We all wish to live a pain-free life, so what measures can we take to a better and pain-free life? Today doctors are seen to be very inclined to prescribing Soma pills to people. They prefer choosing muscle relaxants as a pain medication for their efficacy and potency. This makes the Soma pill very popular among people.

How does Carisoprodol help with pain?

Carisoprodol is sold under the brand name of the Soma pill. Carisoprodol produces muscle relaxation by inhibiting the interneuronal activity in the reticular activating system of the person. It also works on the spinal cord of the person. Researches do not show any direct action on the skeletal muscle or neuromuscular junction of the person. The action of the Soma pill is very effective in helping with the discomfort and pain in the acute musculoskeletal condition of the person. It acts on the GABA receptor of the brain thus blocking the pain sensation from the body to reach the brain of the person.

Its fast-acting formulation makes the Soma pill so popular among most physicians. It begins to show results within thirty minutes of taking the analgesic. Carisoprodol has a long half-life that makes the action of the Soma pill last for a long time. The Soma pill works for 4 to 5 hours in a person. It can be taken 2 to 3 times a day depending on the severity of the pain.

How safe is the use of the Soma pill?

Doctor’s prescribe Soma pill to people mostly suffering from acute pain. The use of Carisoprodol is considered safe as there are no harsh or life-threatening side effects being reported on taking the Soma pill. However, some factors that physicians take into consideration before prescribing Soma pill to people are-

  • People with health issues such as liver and kidney disorders are usually given Soma pill after fully analyzing their health condition.
  • Doctors do not advise the use of Soma pill for more than three weeks, as it can cause dependency in people.
  • Physicians take into consideration all the other medications that you take. As certain medication interacts with Carisoprodol thus lowering the efficacy of both the pills. Some of the most common group of medication that interacts with Soma pill are medicines used to treat anxiety and depression, antibiotic, other pain killers.
  • Soma pill is usually not prescribed to pregnant or lactating women. There are no reports that show the adverse effects of taking the Soma pill on the fetus or the infant. However. There are many researches that show that the Carisoprodol can cross the blood-placenta barrier in the woman’s womb and reach the fetus. In lactating women, Carisoprodol can reach the mother milk and is usually present in a higher concentration compared to the blood level of the mother. Thus it is usually not given to pregnant and lactating women.

How does a doctor handle Soma dependency?

The dependency on Soma pill in people is not a very common issue. If you take the Soma dosage that is recommended to you by your doctor and you do not overdose then the chance of a person suffering from addiction is very low. One question that usually comes across the mind of people is how will one know if they are addicted to the Soma pill? Some of the symptoms that can be seen in people suffering from the dependency on carisoprodol are:

Effectiveness of Soma Pill For Body Pain


  • There is an uncontrollable urge to take the Soma pill
  • The person does not interact with people
  • You are taking more pills then the one prescribed to you
  • To strengthen the affects you mix Soma pill with other medication or take it with alcoholic beverages.
  • You need a higher dosage of Soma pill to get the effect

Fighting the issue of Carisoprodol dependency is not impossible. With the right steps, you can easily tackle the issue of dependency in a person. Some of the steps that be taken to help a person with addiction are:

  • Joining a help center is very important if the dependency is very severe
  • People who have just started taking the Soma pill for recreation can opt for other ways to fight the condition. Such people take help from friends and family.
  • There are many helpline numbers that advice people online or on calls.


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Effectiveness of Soma Pill For Body Pain
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