Osaphobia: Meaning, Causes, and Everything You Need to Know.


The word, “Osaphobia”, may seem strange to some people. It may even be a word you have just discovered and will like to know more about. Osaphobia is the morbid fear of oral stimulation of the sexual organ. Like other phobias, it stems from the irrational worry and anxiety that comes from what may happen if an individual gets involved in oral sex.

In modern times, oral sex has been more and more acceptable in the society, except in countries where religious and cultural affiliations are strongly against it. Oral sex is believed to be against the natural order of attaining sexual excitement or satisfaction. While some people, especially some men, have no problem with receiving blow jobs from their partners, they find it repulsive to go down on their female partners.

Some individuals cannot give or receive oral stimulation to or from their partners because of their aversion to the act. In fact, this has led to the end of some relationships and will continue to do so. However, it is possible to overcome this fear by addressing the possible cause, mostly by visiting and booking sessions with a qualified psychologist.

In this article, we will talk about Osaphobia, the fear of oral sex; what it means, what causes it, how common it is, and what can be done to manage or conquer it.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is the stimulation of the sexual organs with the mouth. It goes by different names in different social circles but is commonly called blow job – when a man’s penis is stimulated by a partner’s mouth, tongue, and sometimes, teeth; going down – when a lady’s genital is stimulated by a partner’s mouth or tongue; or rimming – when a person’s anus is stimulated by a partner’s tongue and mouth.

Oral sex, medically referred to as cunnilingus or fellatio, when performed on a man and woman, respectively, is a personal choice that does not generalize preference among adults involved in all forms of sexual activities. The same way some men are against the use of sex toys for men, some individuals are against oral sex.

It involves the systematic use of the tongue, and mouth, with the saliva in the mouth serving as lubricant, in some cases, on the penis or vagina, to cause sexual excitement, sometimes to the point of climax or as part of a sexual foreplay.

Oral sex is a controversial aspect of sex, even with sex possessing controversy on its own. Some cultures and religions are totally against the practice and it may be punishable according to their laws or tenets to engage in such.  However, in a free society, where there is no sexual fantasy inhibition, there are still individuals who have an aversion towards oral sex, especially due to the health risks that are associated with it.

Risks Associated to Oral Sex

The health risks associated with sex, such as STIs, are possible due to the exchange of bodily fluid. The presence of bacteria and other pathogens in a source is successfully passed to the receiving end after the fluids must have mixed, resulting in the introduction of such pathogens to the otherwise healthy body.

Oral sex may involve the exchange of saliva from the mouth with the natural lubricant of the vagina, or the exchange of the saliva with pre-cum from the penis. It may also involve the exchange of pathogens present in the anus with the saliva from the mouth. With the exchange of these body fluids, come some risks of contacting STDs. Also, there is the chance your partner might not be down with the idea of performing or receiving oral sex, that is they have Osaphobia, and it might lead to the occurrence of other diseases.

  • STD Contraction

Some of the common sexually transmitted infection associated with oral sex include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), syphilis, Herpes, and many more. These sexually transmitted diseases are passed form one partner to another through the exchange of bodily fluid.

Oral sex involves a lot of mouth, which contains one of the abundant body fluids – the saliva. It transports disease-causing pathogens from the sexual organs or body fluids of a partner into the system of the other.

  • Cancer

Ordinarily, oral sex should not be associated with cancer, but for the presence of the Human papillomavirus in the throat or tonsil, there is a chance it might develop into cancer. The HPV is a common virus that affects humans, and it is not a very common occurrence that it leads to cancer in most humans. However, when it is present in the body, there is always a chance, though slim, that it can lead to cancer.

  • Strained Sexual Relationship

Oral sex is personal and is considered to be more about the level of intimacy in a relationship than the sexual gratification derived from it. However, a sexual partner may not be as inclined to give it a try as the other party, and this may lead to some kind of tension that may lead to a strain the relationship. In fact, it can lead to the end of that relationship.

Causes of Osaphobia

While there are many reasons that can be given for the fear of oral sex, some of them stand out as the leading causes, and understandably so. Some of them include:

  1. Low Self Esteem

One of the most common causes some individuals have osaphobia boils down to the low confidence they have in themselves and the appearance of their genitalia. With the attitude of some individuals towards uncircumcised penises and the common aversion of some men towards the smell of the vagina, individuals are inclined to keep their privates away from other people’s, even their partners, view.

  1. Fear of Health Risks attached to the act

There is also the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted infections that may be difficult to treat from oral sex. It is understandable that osaphobia stems from a place of fear and anxiety, and there is nothing to make one more fearful than the possibility of contracting diseases from performing an act.

The act itself may not be the problem, but the possible outcome of contracting a disease or the other.

  1. Cultural or Religious Affiliations

Different cultures and religions have aversion to doing things that seem unnatural as they know it to be. Ordinarily sexual acts outside marriage is frowned at by some religions, talk more of performing sexual acts in controversial ways, such as using the mouth and tongue.

In some cases, there are punishments associated with these acts, and they make an individual develop osaphobia due to the possibility of being subjected to such punishments if caught or exposed.

  1. Previous Unpleasant Experience

Another common reason for osaphobia is the unpleasant oral sex experience an individual may have experienced. Oral sex requires a certain level of finesse and control. If there is too much teeth involved in the act, it may lead to injury on the genitals.

Also, if the previous experience of an individual pertains to contracting a STI, it may lead to osaphobia.

Can Osaphobia Be Conquered?

Any fear can be conquered. However, it takes a conscious effort to move out of the fearful zone, and it takes some time and patience. The most effective way to enjoy oral sex while you have osaphobia is to consult a psychologist.

The psychologist will help you understand your fear and help you determine how you can overcome the fear by addressing the cause or causes. Sometimes, your sessions may involve you and your partner.


Osaphobia is a word that is not very common, but it describes a common feeling of fear among many people in the society. It is the fear of oral sex as a result of previous experience, cultural or religious affiliation, low self-esteem, or fear of contracting a disease.

Oral sex is a private matter and the preference or extent of participation depends on each individual. However, if you are suffering from Osaphobia and will like to enjoy oral sex without the accompanying anxiety, sweating, and heart palpitations, you may need to consult a psychologist.

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