Should You Cut Your Hair After Giving Birth?


Are you a new mom or an expecting mom, unsure if you should leave or cut your hair after giving birth? In this article, you will be fed with information on why you should cut your hair after giving birth, if you feel it is the right call for you, the benefits you will derive from the act, and how it will affect your outlook.

Pregnancy is a period of hormonal highs and elevations. For some individuals, the hormonal highs give them a luxuriant, full, and shiny hair that makes any woman envious. This is sometimes accompanied with improved skin condition, giving rise to the popular pregnancy glow. However, after giving birth to your baby, your body begins its journey to its usual self, meaning, the hormones that were high crashes, taking with it the glow and full hair you had.

During the first few months after giving birth, some women lose huge amount of hair, so much so that they are forced to cover their head for a long time, in the hope that it will regain its glory. This is because the estrogen level that was high during pregnancy has taken a dip and with it went the full hair. This occurrence may lead to the reduced self-esteem some women experience after child birth. However, having a full hair, though desired, is not a limiting factor of beauty and attraction.

As a matter of fact, having a shorter hair might be of more benefit to you that you can imagine. Think of it this way. You had an abundance of hormones and nutrients in your body. The hormones and nutrients helped you and your baby get through the nine months of pregnancy. However, the hormonal support you had is depleted since the baby came out of you but you still have to get nutrients so that you can adequately feed your baby. As a result of your depleted hormone levels, your hair begins to fall off. What do you do?

Conserve some nutrients to make more available for your baby by cutting your hair short or letting your body do it anyway?

The truth is if you decide to cut your hair or not, your body will shed some hair, and it may not appear nice. It is more noticeable in women with fuller hair, and it may require that you have a cut and trim to make it appear better.

Why Should You Cut Your Hair After Giving Birth?

  1. It is time saving

After child birth, it is common for the new mothers to have no schedule of their activities. Every activity they have to do has to be in agreement with when their baby is asleep or calm enough for them to be away for a few minutes.

Usually, as the mother’s strength returns, she wants to get some chores done bath the baby, and at the same time look good. However, it is not easy to balance all of this. It is best to save time for activities by having to cut you hair after child birth, affording you more time for other activities.

  1. It improves your outlook

Long hair doesn’t necessarily mean beautiful, you can cut your hair after child birth and still be breathtaking. It takes a well-groomed and neatly trimmed hair to make you look good. Also, it turns things up a little for you, a break away from the normally long hair people have known you for.

A switch up that will not only improve your outward appearance but also the way you feel about yourself.

  1. Increased self-esteem

With the fatigue and less time to cater to yourself, a new mom’s self-esteem is not usually as high as it used to be. The extra belly that hangs in your midsection is being dealt with, your skin is also taking a hit from the hormonal dip. It is expected that you will not feel as beautiful as you normally would.

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However, when you cut your hair after child birth, it gives you a new look that makes you appear different than you used. This elevates your self-esteem, making you feel more beautiful as short bangs can be hot.

  1. It saves you money

It is easier to manage and style a short hair. You spend less amount of money on getting your short hair styled because it takes less time and effort to accomplish the beauty you need to bring out of it.

If you want to be more conservative about spending, you can easily style a short hair by yourself as it will have lesser tangles, and you can easily manage the hair as against when it is long and a handful.

  1. Makes motherhood easier

Motherhood is a tiring job, everyone knows that. Why not make it easier for yourself when you cut your hair after child birth? It helps you easily focus on your child and give them your all without worrying about how you need to get your hair styled.

Also, it is a common occurrence for children to pull at their mothers’ hairs when they are playing. There is a reduces chance of this happening when you have cut your hair after child birth.

You also get to receive more fresh air and experience lesser amount of heat with your short hair, improving your comfort during the times you lug your child and other bags around while shopping.

  1. Improves your hair health

When you cut your hair after child birth, it helps your hair to develop better and fuller. Cutting your hair helps to get rid of split ends and encourages new hair growth hiding under the older ones to emerge and grow faster.

Also, when you wash your hair with hair products such as herbal shampoos or conditioners, they circulate better when your hair is short.


A woman’s body during pregnancy drastically changes after child birth. The hormones that were once high, making the hair full, and the skin glow brightly, dips and the effects it has with it. One of the unfortunate but also beneficial happenings after child birth is the loss of hair by the mother.

However, the loss of hair doesn’t have to be detrimental to your beauty. When you cut your hair after child birth, it comes with some benefits as highlighted above. To get the best out of this transition, you can use some herbal oil for hair growth and consider the use of natural shampoos in place of synthetic hair products.

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