Nutrients and Foods Essential for Your Dental Health


Those who neglect to take proper care of their teeth often face gum disease, cavities, and in extreme cases, bone loss or decay. Such kind of situations often needs a long term home and hygiene care. Treatments like dental emergency in St Albans can definitely help you understand the causes and precautions to take. However, such cases aren’t considered as an emergency, hence should be shown to a Hygienist.

Declining such dental health issues can serve as a warning of further health issues, and sometimes dentists can even diagnose problems such as sinus infections, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and alcoholism. To promote the best standard of dental health, it is imperative to include certain food groups, vitamins, and minerals in your diet, as nutrition and dental health go hand-in-hand.

Importance of your diet for your teeth's health

What we put in our mouths has an inherent effect on the condition within them; nutrition directly affects dental health. In fact, those with a full set of teeth typically abide by a more nutritious diet.

If you’re looking for simple ways to adjust your diet for your teeth, choose the following food items the next time you go grocery shopping:

  1. Foods high in water

Foods like celery that are high in water aid in removing plaque and cavity-causing bacteria from the teeth while chewing them. Furthermore, the act of chewing increases salivation which is the best natural neutralizer for those cavity-causing bacteria. Although brushing is the best way to wash away remaining food particles in the teeth, drinking water often serves the same purpose, stripping the teeth of harmful and cavity-inhibiting bacteria.

  1. Foods high in phosphorous

Foods like Brazil nuts, tofu, eggs, and red meat are high in phosphorous, an essential mineral for strengthening enamel. A diet rich in phosphorous is one which promotes healthy enamel and thus optimal dental health.

  1. Foods high in calcium

Calcium-rich diets help prevent caries which occur due to the demineralization of tooth enamel. This demineralization is caused by bacteria and acids that form in plaque and slowly erode enamel. Calcium is one of the main elements in enamel, and including it in your diet can improve the remineralization of your tooth enamel and reduce the likelihood of cavities.

Cheese, along with its high calcium levels boosts saliva production. Hard aged cheeses cause the mouth to salivate which helps clear harmful bacteria in the mouth.

  1. Foods rich in vitamin C

Periodontal or gum disease can be attributed to low levels of vitamins such as vitamins C and D. lower levels of vitamin C typically are associated with sensitive gums and adding vitamin C to your diet can aid in reducing inflammation in the gums. Many people lacking vitamin C experience higher levels of periodontal diseases. Bell peppers, strawberries, kiwi, broccoli, oranges, and kale are excellent sources of this important vitamin and can be easily added to your diet.

  1. Foods rich in vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D can cause increased gum disease too. Dentists encourage their patients to spend time outside, absorbing vitamin D, as the sun is the best source of the natural D vitamin. Also, a diet with fish, eggs, and oils such as cod liver oil fosters better dental health by producing higher levels of vitamin D in the body. Many people take fish oil pills which is a simple way to raise vitamin D levels.

  1. Foods with probiotics

Probiotics are helpful bacteria which fight off the harmful bacteria in our bodies. They are living organisms to which we’ve attributed several benefits for dental and overall health. Probiotics are found in yogurt, kombucha, miso, and other fermented foods. When consumed, studies have shown beneficial properties to probiotics, one study showing reduced levels of bacteria in the saliva of patients with gingivitis, after consuming a certain probiotic.

  1. Antioxidants rich foods

Berries, beans, nuts, and apples are rich in antioxidants, which remove harmful bacteria and oxidizing agents from the body. The benefits of antioxidants extend to dental care; they do this by fighting off the bacteria which gum disease and inflammation.

  1. Foods rich in polyphenols, arginine, and anthocyanins

Polyphenols slow bacteria growth and therefore reduce bad breath, cavities, and mild gum disease. Polyphenols can be found in flaxseed, black and green teas, and cocoa. Furthermore, teas are also rich in fluoride which is known to strengthen teeth and dental health too. Polyphenols in cranberries, for example, have been proven to lower the risk of cavities as they function as mediators for plaque levels in the mouth.

Arginine, found in meat, soy, and nuts is an amino acid which helps do the same. Arginine regulates the pH levels in the mouth, which affects bad breath and cavities. Eating more foods with arginines such as lentils, spinach, nuts, eggs, seafood, and soy can reduce the opportunity for cavities to flourish and discourages plaque formation.

Anthocyanins help fight oral cancer and prevent plaque from clinging to the teeth. They discourage pathogens from attaching to their hosts; in this case plaque from the teeth. Anthocyanins can be found in cranberries and blueberries, as well as red cabbage and eggplant peel.


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