NTI Night Guard Device: Reduces Jaw-Clenching and Headache.


The NTI night guard has the distinction of covering only the front teeth. According to Dr. Boyd, pressure on the front teeth should reduce the intensity of the involuntary contractions that people with bruxism suffer from. In other words, with the NTI night guard, an individual should not be able to clench as hard as they normally do.

What is an NTI Night Guard?

An NTI night guard is a protective mouthpiece custom fitted to your mouth that helps protect your teeth, gums, and jaws from the damaging effects of bruxism. It prevents the destruction of your teeth by preventing them from grinding together. They can also reduce any grinding noises you make at night.

A night guard is generally a soft, thin, non-bulky, comfortable appliance which is usually made out of bendy rubber or plastic. They fit snug between the upper and lower sets of teeth to keep them from touching.

NTI Night Guard Device: Reduces Jaw-Clenching and Headache.In recent time, several people face difficulty in having a peaceful sleep. This leads to the requirement and the use of some practical solution to the cause of the disturbing sleep. Bruxism is one of the main reasons for the lack of sleep at any age.


At times, an individual does not know that he has the habit of bruxism. Bruxism is a condition in which the individual usually unknowingly clenches or grinds the teeth. It is most of the times caused due to the increased stress and anxiety in various activities of daily lives. It is quite common for children and adults too.

Curing Bruxism with NTI night-guard

NTI Nightguard device is a practical solution for individuals with bruxism. It has proved to be much helpful in curing bruxism. There are several benefits of the NTI night guard device. This leads to the eventual cure of the bruxism among individuals of different ages. It is a plastic device which is placed on the two front teeth. It is devised to prevent a headache as well as a migraine.


Continuous clenching and grinding usually lead to such type of pain an discomfort. The structure of the NTI night guard is created in such a way that it can be modified according to the canines and molars. In this way, this night guard device can be customized depending on the patient’s case requirements. Check out Sleepsowell’s article on the best mouth guards available for bruxism

Uses of NTI Night Guard Device

It acts like a tough protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth during sleep to prevent contact and reduce further damage and injury to the teeth, arches, lips, and gums.
An NTI night-guard helps to even out the pressure across your jaw by providing a layer of cushioning between the upper and lower teeth and protects and supports the jaw muscles from this extreme tension.
It works simply by discouraging the bite at all and you will find yourself finally freed from the nagging jaw and facial pain.

It is useful in preventing excessive pressure on the teeth. This way, the teeth of the individual is safeguarded with the help of the NTI night guard and prevent any unnecessary degradation of teeth structure.

The results of the NTI night guardNTI Night Guard Device: Reduces Jaw-Clenching and Headache. are worth appreciating as it leads to the reduction in the clenching habit while the person is in sleep. If you have any query regarding the best usage of the NTI night guard in your case then just make sure that you feel free to ask a dentist to clear your doubts. This will help in understanding the right usage without any problem.

Several individuals have achieved success in their cases of bruxism with the help of the NTI night guard device. So, it is essential to consult your dentist regarding the ongoing progress in the case of bruxism. This will help you in knowing the development as well as curing the bruxism. Follow-ups appointment with your dentist is an essential part of ensuring the success of the NTI night guard for the treatment of the bruxism.

However, if you are facing any condition of bruxism then make sure that you are opting for the NTI night guardNTI Night Guard Device: Reduces Jaw-Clenching and Headache. device to treat your condition. In this way, you will soon be able to relieve yourself from the habit of bruxism.

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NTI Night Guard Device: Reduces Jaw-Clenching and Headache.
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