Why should you use a teeth guard if you grind your teeth at night


If you find that you wake up with a sore jaw, your temples hurt, you have an earache, and your smile is not looking as bright as it normally does, you need to look into a proven treatment method to avoid stress and anxiety from ruining your oral hygiene!

Avoid teeth grinding - use a teeth guard for mouth safety and health!

If you find that you're grinding your teeth while you sleep at night, this can cause many unwanted side effects and health conditions that can make your jaw and teeth hurt throughout the day. But what is teeth turning and how can you stop it? The answer is actually pretty simple - use a teeth guard to prevent this unwanted health condition from taking over your life!

Why are you grinding your teeth? You may find that you are grinding your teeth for a variety of reasons, with the most common causes typically being stress during the day that carries over into your sleeping habits, along with anxiety that can produce unwanted nervous motions during the day or night. The prolonged exposure to constant grinding of your teeth can wreak havoc on your jaw, joints, teeth, and your smile. By using a teeth guard from Teeth Night Guard Lab, you can prevent the effects of teeth grinding from causing long-term ailments.

The impact of teeth grinding on your daily life is often more long-lasting and intense than we may think. Although people think that grinding teeth is solely problematic at night when you're trying to sleep, it is actually much more troublesome. Constant grinding can cause pain, broken teeth, headaches through the day and night, and TMJ syndrome - a condition known as temporomandibular disorder that can cause a lack of motion with the mouth and inhibits chewing, talking, speaking, and swallowing.

If you find that you are having trouble moving your mouth throughout the day or you are losing range of motion, consider using a teeth guard to protect your mouth and oral health. Although people typically do not realize when they are grinding their teeth, you can typically tell if you find that your jaw is sore throughout the day, your teeth are aching when you drink cold drinks or eat hard foods, or if you find that you have constant pain in your temples or ears.

The most common treatments for the teeth grinding include the following:

  • Teeth guard - the most common and effective treatment is wearing a teeth guard at night to lessen the impact of the grinding and provide a barrier between the tooth enamel to avoid damage to your smile.
  • Mediation - you can take muscle relaxers to avoid the clenching of the jaw and the constant movement of your mouth while you're trying to sleep at night.
  • Procedures - botox can sometimes alleviate the jaw muscle tension that is causing teeth to grind while you're sleeping.


If you find that you are grinding your teeth at night, this can lead to many unwanted and long-lasting side effects that can affect your overall health and wellbeing. Use a teeth guard to prevent teeth grinding and the aftereffects of headaches, joint pain, teeth disorders, and migraines.

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