Your smile is an essential part of your personality and that’s why you may want to improve it by getting your teeth straightened.

Speak to a Sandy UT Dentist, for instance, and they will be able to suggest a whole range of different treatment options. As you might expect, prices will vary according to what work needs doing and which straightening method you choose.

Here is a look at the most affordable way to get that perfect smile once your teeth have been straightened.

The case for teeth aligners

Before looking at treatment options it is worth digesting a few facts and figures about the nation’s teeth.

It is estimated that only about a third of American adults have teeth that can be considered to be well-aligned. That means you are not alone in believing that you could improve your smile and confidence levels by getting your teeth straightened.

Aligners are a very popular method. More than five million patients have already taken this route and the vast majority reported that it only took about 7 days to become accustomed to their aligners.

Basically, the least expensive option for straightening your teeth would be to use aligners.

How do they work?

Braces were the go-to solution in previous generations. Thankfully, dental techniques have evolved and the modern alternative is to use aligners to straighten your teeth.

Some distinct advantages attached to using aligners are that you can get clear versions and the fact that they are relatively comfortable to wear while they do the work of straightening your teeth.

Your chosen orthodontist will use a kit to create an impression of your teeth. This will be used to create a custom mold and a personalized correction program using aligners.

Don’t focus entirely on the price

There are DIY kits that you can get where you don’t even have to visit a dentist to start aligning your teeth at home.

This very low-cost option has its obvious downsides. The configuration of your teeth will be unique and it is highly likely that a professional evaluation would be needed to ensure that the correct action was taken to straighten your teeth properly.

You want to avoid any potential dental or medical problems as a result of having your teeth straightened. The best way to avoid that scenario is for a dentist to make a professional evaluation and calculate exactly how to use aligners to bring your smile to where you want it to be.

What’s the difference between traditional braces and aligners?

Metal braces will almost certainly take longer (about 2 years) to fix your teeth. They will also most likely be more expensive than aligners.

You can even have more freedom when it comes to what you eat with aligners.

When you consider the cost and convenience of using aligners to straighten your teeth it is clear that this is not only one of the cheapest options but one of the most effective and convenient ones too.


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