Due to the pandemic season, shortages of nurses occurred and nursing jobs were in demand. Especially LTAC nurses that’s why medical facilities had to partner with nursing agencies for LTAC nurse staffing solutions in 2021. One of the agencies that help medical facilities bridge the shortages of their nurses is the Gifted Healthcare LTAC nurse staffing solution.

How Does The Ltac Nurse Staffing Industry Survive The Pandemic?

Some strategies are implemented to manage the nursing staffing among medical facilities. Since the demand is high, nurses getting burned out is a common issue. To loosen the situation here are some of the strategies:

Identifying Nurse’s Specialization

Categorizing nurses and selecting LTAC nurses to be assigned to the proper departments can make the assigning more organized. Nurses with skills who can handle areas that need critical care are assigned to acute care areas are also considered to cover the shortages. Orientation of nurses is also done to let them know their duties and responsibilities in the area they are assigned to.

Getting Support From Other departments

During this covid, 19 season nurses and medical staff are working together to be able to cover all the necessary care the patient on the LTAC unit needs. For instance, they gather other nurses who have skills and experience in acute care such as operation nurses. This way they meet the demands of the patients in long-term acute care units. Mixing a team of nurses to work together will be a good way for them to touch each other with the duties and responsibilities they have to cover.

Getting Community Support

Getting reinforcement from retired nurses and medical workers has also been one of the strategies used to add manpower to medical facilities and assist nurses in the needs of the patients. Approaching nursing schools for some graduating nurses is also being considered. They assign nursing students to fast-track nurse positions. In this way, they can assist LTAC nurses in performing their duties.

Benefits Of Partnering With LTAC Nurse Staffing Solution

Immediate Availability of Nurses

Nurse staffing solution agencies are ready with nurses who can be assigned immediately if medical facilities need them. They employ as many nurses as they can so they can be sure to assign on when needed by medical facilities they partnered with.


Getting Nurses from staffing solution agencies can be cost-efficient for medical facilities since they don’t have to spend more in the hiring process of getting nurses who they will be needing for a short period. For instance, taking effort and spending on the recruitment process for seasonal nurses who will be working for a month or three isn’t a practical move. Getting LTAC nurses from a nursing solution agency can be convenient.

Quality Nurses

LTAC nursing solution agencies make sure they hire nurses who have the capability of getting assigned immediately. During the recruitment process, their nurses are evaluated and proper documents are checked before they can be qualified. They want to give medical facilities to nurses who are ready to work immediately instead of ones who still need training.

A solution to Bridge Nurse Shortages

The main goal of the nursing solution agency is to help medical facilities bridge the shortages they are facing. Shortages of staff can lead to several issues including low quality of care as well as changes in the organization and managing schedule. Which is stressful for the medical staff and facility as a whole. Partnering with a nursing solution agency can be a good way to get the number of nurses you need without getting into a lot of hassle.

Working with LTAC nurse staffing Solution in 2021 can be a good way to give solutions to the issues medical facilities are facing during this pandemic. Medical workers are stressed out and burned out so getting enough number to work on shorter shifts can be a good way to preserve good service and at the same time give time for nurses to get a good rest to work efficiently on their day-to-day shift. Unity and consideration are needed during this time of pandemic and that’s why people in the medical industry are trying their best to give quality service and still take care of their staff and the medical facility as a whole.


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