How to Choose the Laboratory Fume Hood Exhaust Equipments?


The lab exhaust or the laboratory fume hood exhaust is one of the most important equipment that a lab needs. You can get so many problems if there is any problem with the hood that you are using or even if you are using the hood at all. Keep that in, and you should know all the benefits of laboratory fume hood exhaust. It will let out all the chemicals that are burned during the working of the experiments.

You have to consider the risk factors that you might get, and it can be dreadful to inhale all those chemicals into your body. So, you should get one exhaust for your lab, and if you are setting up a new lab, then you should not forget to install a laboratory fume hood exhaust. Here are some general aspects that you should keep in mind while choosing up the exhaust hood.

Laboratory Fume Hood Exhaust EquipmentsThings that you need to consider

You have to know everything before you design the hood for your lab. These things are really important, and you have to know all such things, and it will help you in the long run. So, the things that you need to consider are –

  • The Size of the Room (LxBxH)
  • The Total number of cabins
  • The heat load of lab
  • Materials used in the hood
  • The time you will use
  • Size of the equipment used in a single cabin

You should know all these things, and it will take you a long way up to the top. Keep all these in mind, and it will surely help you to get so many things done with the help of these things in mind.


Types of Hoods that you can use

There are many types of hoods out there in the market and to be honest, these all are just there to make money. The hoods will never help you that cost too much, so it is better to use the common and easily available hood for the lab. These are –

1) Constant Fume Hoods

These are just as the name suggests, and the constant hoods are actually the constant volume hoods. The hood provides all the things as it is and if the exhaust is 100%, then the hood will give you the same amount of air for the ventilation. It makes an air balance between the pressure from the exhaust with the ventilation, and it can help you a lot for sure.

2) Variable Volume Hoods

The hood is again as the name, and you can use up the hood for the ventilation that can be easily adjusted with the variable volume hood. These hoods cost more as they can produce the variable amount of air that is required for the hood. It gets the needed air from another room, and you can easily use them up with the simple install. Keep all these things in mind, and it is all you need for a perfect installation on fume hoods.

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