Laboratory ovens are accessible in multiple sizes as well as styles. You can select from a series of utility, gravity, vacuum as well as cleanroom kinds of ovens. These ovens include several wonderful features including the highest temperature, microprocessor controls, and vacuum. 

What Is Laboratory Gravity Convection Oven









These laboratory ovens may be easily utilized for different purposes (like sample drying, annealing, conditioning, baking, sterilizing, dehydrating and evaporating, and other general laboratory work). Operating temperatures range may vary to 235°C (455°F). These ovens are very affordable, rugged as well as versatile for both manufacturers as well as laboratory requirements.

Gravity Convection Oven Features

Gravity convection oven is designed with slight wattage double-wall filled construction and are abundant energy competent, impregnated fiberglass insulation, mechanical bimetallic as well as hydraulic thermostat controls, powerful, extremely lightweight.
Sturdy with triple wall structure, these gravity convection ovens carry accurate temperature uniformity as well as air distribution similar to many forced air ovens. Units are well suited for a diversity of drying, baking as well as curing applications.
  • Obtainable in 3.4 as well as 5.4 cu. ft. facility
  • Triple wall construction facility
  • Adaptable air exhaust away from a heat source
  • Microprocessor Controls
  • Wonderful  Temperature Control
  • Amazing Cool Touch Damper
  • Digital timer (99hr and 59 min); power retains heating elements whilst times expires
  • Not obligatory reversible door
  • Outer skin meets CE needs even at 225°C; keeps applications hot without heating up a workspace
  • CE Approved
  • Come with Two-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
This oven would offer maximum temperature within half an hour of start-up time. Intake/exhaust vents, door latch as well as a cool handle. Bimetallic thermostat, neon pilot light and on/off switch.

Sizes Of Gravity Convection Oven

Lab Oven, Gravity, Convection Three Sizes: 1.6, 4.0 or 5.0 cu. ft. , 240°C Temperatures, Hydraulic Temperature director, Ultimate Stainless Steel inner as well as the best shelves 1300 Series common purpose gravity ovens deliver true naturally-occurring gravity convection.
As air is heated, it rises through an air duct system to the top of the Laboratory Ovens, optimizing temperature uniformity. Even once the shelves are completely overloaded, this selected air channel system makes several diverse air flow patterns maintaining temperature uniformity throughout the oven interior.

Work Of Gravity Convection Oven

The 3" exhaust port with modifiable damper offers the user with the capability to modify drying, curing or baking time by ensuring more or less air through the oven. An exhaust port is positioned on the top of the oven for trouble-free access as well as resourceful venting. The built-in over-temperature safety guard is autonomous from the main controller.
The oven interior is stainless steel. The door latches, as well as hinges, are also adjustable according to the user to ensure a tight seal throughout the life of the oven. An access port offers to utilize with chart recorders or probes. The heating part is shielded to stop damage if a spill can occur. Very durable, the powder-coat finish is the chemical resistant.

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