How To Ask Your Doctor for Weight Loss Pills


Weight loss pills are medications that are used to control or reduce weight.

While making healthy choices is not easy, it is essential to consult a doctor if you experience any obesity or weight gain conditions.

These conditions can be controlled easily now, thanks to the availability of weight loss pills.

In addition, you can now get online professional treatment from licensed doctors.

You can also supplement your prescription with simple workouts and healthy eating habits.

In this article, we are going to explore the following:

  • Definition of obesity and weight gain
  • Causes of obesity and weight gain
  • Home remedies for obesity and weight gain
  • How to get weight loss pills online

Let’s get started.

What is Obesity and Weight Gain?

According to the Obesity Evidence Hub, 35.6% of the adult population in Australia is obese.

In addition, more Australian men are obese than women.

Currently, obesity is one of the health issues that is trending in the world.

It is a condition where an individual experiences abnormal fat accumulation in their body.

The factors that cause obesity are complex. They can be either genetic or social determinants.

The most common social determinants of obesity include:

  • Eating habits
  • Obesogenic environment
  • Cultural factors

Obesity and weight gain conditions can affect an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.

It is important to have a conversation with a registered doctor online so that you can enjoy a happier life.

You no longer need to travel to a hospital for your medication, thanks to the digital transformation.

Most operations in the world have currently shifted online, including treatment and medication.

Just fill out a questionnaire about your condition, and a medical team will evaluate your issue for treatment and medicine prescription.

Causes of Obesity and Weight Gain

Mainly, obesity and weight gain are caused by an imbalance between the energy you consume and the energy you give out.

You consume energy by eating carbohydrates, proteins and fats. These are converted into the energy you use in your daily activities.

However, let’s review the significant causes of obesity.

Food Choices

Choosing foods that are high in fats, sugar, and salt increases an individual’s chance of contracting obesity.

Specifically, sugary drinks, junk meals and sweets have a lot of kilojoules that contribute to weight gain problems.

Therefore, have proper hygiene with the diet you consume daily. Being careful will help you avoid consuming foods that will risk your chances of having obesity and weight gain problems.

Inactive Lifestyle

An inactive lifestyle means consuming more energy than you give out from your body.

Most Australians spend their time sitting, a reason why there is an increase in the number of obesity and weight gain cases.

Ensure that you keep yourself physically active by working out, playing or even jogging around. You will reduce your chances of developing obesity and overweight problems.


Genetic factors may also contribute to the chances of you having obesity and weight gain problems.

However, genes alone do not contribute to most of the recorded cases of obesity in Australia.

Some of the obesity cases are adopted from an individual’s family. There are some chronic diseases like obesity that run within a given family. Not all cases are a result of lifestyle choices.

Changes to the food supply

Due to increased industrialization and technology, there are a lot of changes currently experienced in the food industry.

Most manufacturers supply cheap meals that are processed that lack any valuable nutrients in the body.

Moreover, most of the sold drinks contain nutrients that facilitate obesity and overweight when consumed.

Therefore, be careful of what you consume to avoid these problems that are related to obesity and overweight.

Life habits

There are early practices in life that can expose an individual to obesity and overweight problems in adulthood.

Some of these habits include:

Studies reveal that the practice of these habits contributes to cases of obesity during adulthood.

However, experts claim that breastfeeding children for at least six months prevents the chances of obesity during childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Home Remedies for Obesity and Weight Gain Problems

Obesity is a condition that affects both children and adults. Therefore, its prevention remedies in children are not the same as those of adolescents and adults.

The general strategies of preventing obesity in children include:

  • Encouraging enough breastfeeding
  • Avoid feeding young children with foods that have sugar additives
  • Mothers should not overfeed their children
  • Giving children a balanced diet

Adolescents and adults with obesity and overweight problems should adopt the following measures:

  • Be physically active
  • Reduce the intake of junk and food
  • Limit high consumption of carbohydrates
  • Regulate the amount of time spent on the screens
  • Have enough sleep
  • Eat healthy meals and fruits

How To Ask Your Doctor for Weight Loss Pills

If you are experiencing obesity and weight gain problems, you need to consult a qualified doctor for treatment.

You can now get your prescription online by registered doctors across Australia, courtesy of Burst Health Online Clinic.

Burst Health is an online pharmacy that offers personalised treatment services to Australian residents online.

Our doctors are registered by three accredited bodies:

  • Ahpra & National Boards
  • Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine

To get professional assistance from Burst Health's online clinic, follow the following steps at our online platform:

  • Fill out a questionnaire about your health history
  • Our registered professionals will review your condition
  • We will send your prescribed medicine to your address in 24-72 hours

We love our customers across Australia and so far, we take pride in hundreds of 5-star reviews.

You can register an account with us where you’ll renew your subsequent subscriptions to cure obese and overweight problems.

Check out our weight loss page to get the best weight loss treatment.


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