Green Hulk Xanax – All You should Know.


Hulk Xanax is an informal name for the green Xanax bar that has been known to cause some devastating side effects to individuals who have ingested them in some parts of Scotland and the United States of America. It is sometimes called monster Xanax or green Xanax, due to its characteristic green color, and it contains fentanyl.

Hulk Xanax can easily pass as the normal Green Xanax bar with the imprint “S 903”, and you may need to carry out a fentanyl test to ascertain the authenticity of the green Xanax bar you have purchased. Hulk Xanax causes the opioid receptors in the brain to produce exaggerated feelings of happiness and a possible overdose due to the presence of fentanyl which increases the potency of the original active ingredient in the drug, alprazolam.

This article will provide information on what hulk Xanax is, how you can spot and differentiate hulk Xanax from the real green Xanax bar, the potential dangers of consuming hulk Xanax, and how you can help someone who has consumed hulk Xanax.

What is a Green Hulk Xanax?

The normal green Xanax bar is a medication that is used to treat mental disorders such as panic disorders, phobias, and anxiety. It contains alprazolam, usually 2 mg, and belongs to the drug class, benzodiazepines. Xanax is a common drug that is only available through prescription but many individuals prefer Xanax bars because they are cheaper and can be rationed easily. A green Xanax bar is divided into 4 parts by an indentation that makes it easy to break. These indentations make it possible for people who are on lower dosages, say 0.5 mg alprazolam, to break the bar to take their prescribed dose.

Green hulk Xanax is a drug that bears the same physical appearance as the real green Xanax bar. It contains the active ingredient alprazolam, but also contains fentanyl, which makes the drug dangerous for its users. Hulk Xanax gets its name from the fictional character, The Hulk, in the Marvel comic series, the avengers. Hulk Xanax has been reported to cause some serious side effects in some people who have used it. While the real green Xanax bar is supplied by Dava Pharmaceuticals Inc., the manufacturers, and suppliers of the hulk Xanax are unknown, therefore, the amount of alprazolam and fentanyl in the bars are not standardized.

In an attempt to recognize the hulk Xanax, many have asked if they are thick. Yes, the pills are thick but so are the real green Xanax bars. However, you will notice the consistency of the real green Xanax bar’s thickness, while the hulk Xanax will usually come in different thicknesses.

How does Hulk Xanax Affect the Body?

Fentanyl is not an entirely bad drug, it is a prescription drug that is used to treat pain, that is it is used as an analgesic. However, it is available on prescription and on strict dosage guidance. It is a controlled substance because it is easy to abuse and can cause addiction and dependence to its users.

The illegal combination of alprazolam, a controlled substance itself, and fentanyl, another controlled substance, makes the potential of hulk Xanax users getting addicted to the drug increase. The health implications for this possibility are deadly.

Hulk Xanax works by employing a dual mechanism of action since it contains two controlled substances that can cause addiction and dependence. Alprazolam in hulk Xanax binds to the GABAA receptor, enhancing its inhibitory effect on the brain, thereby calming the nervous system and bringing anxiety under control. Alprazolam produces a depressant effect on the human body. The fentanyl in hulk Xanax binds with the opioid receptors in the brain, causing an inhibition of the enzymes responsible for inflammation and pain. It reduces pain and increases the feeling of pleasure.

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Both alprazolam and fentanyl exert their effects on the brain and after some time, it gets used to the dosage. The brain soon needs more dosage in order to feel the effect of alprazolam and fentanyl, which may lead to overdose cases. Alprazolam alone is able to cause addiction problems. When combined with fentanyl, the addiction is almost inevitable and it may lead to death in affected individuals.

Side Effects of Green Hulk Xanax

Since hulk Xanax contains alprazolam and fentanyl, it combines their individual side effects, increasing the risk attached to using the drug. Here are some of the side effects a user may experience.

  • Lack of coordination
  • Exaggerated emotions, especially happiness
  • Drowsiness
  • Slowed breathing and respiratory difficulties
  • Unconsciousness
  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle weakness
  • Seizures
  • Amnesia

Note that this list of side effects does not contain all possible side effects for using hulk Xanax. Also, sedatives, such as alprazolam are associated with an increased risk of death. The risk is exponential with the addition of fentanyl, as in hulk Xanax.

How to Spot Fake Green Xanax Bars – Hulk Xanax

Green Hulk Xanax
Green Hulk Xanax

If you have a prescription for Xanax and someone on the street is offering to sell some to you at a reduced price, there is a high chance it is a fake. While the most obvious way to spot a fake green Xanax bar, such as hulk Xanax, is the willingness of the seller to sell it off to you without a prescription, or at a lower price than you used to buy it at pharmacies, there is another more reliable way for identifying a hulk Xanax.

A fentanyl test is the most reliable way to ascertain if a green Xanax bar is real or laced with fentanyl. Although this method of identifying hulk Xanax may take some time, it will prevent you from ingesting the pill and buying another one. To carry out a fentanyl test, follow these steps.

  • Purchase a fentanyl test strip from a drug store
  • Dissolve some part of the green Xanax bar in a glass of water and stir
  • Hold the blue end of the test strip and dip the other end in the solution. Keep it in place for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Remove the strip and let it rest for sixty seconds.
  • If you notice a red line on the strip, close to the blue end, the green bar contains fentanyl. If there is no red line, it is the real green Xanax bar. If the red line is far from the blue end, or there are two red lines, the result is inconclusive.

How to Help Anyone That Has Overdosed on Hulk Xanax

The best place of help for any case of overdose is the hospital. However, if you’re sure a victim of overdose has consumed hulk Xanax, you may administer Naloxone, either as an injection, or a nasal spray.

If a hulk Xanax overdose victim exhibits signs of opioid overdose such as very small pupils, faint heartbeat, inability to speak, purple lips and fingernails, or unconsciousness, administer Naloxone, and call 911. Naloxone is an opioid blocker; it reverses the effects of opioids and has no effect on anyone without opioids in their system.


Hulk Xanax is an illegal brand of green Xanax bar that contains alprazolam and fentanyl. It is available on the streets and can cause overdose and death to its users. However, Naloxone can help reverse the overdose effects but cannot treat the dependence on hulk Xanax.

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