Does sitting all day make your neck and shoulders tight? Find massage therapy near me!


If you are a remote worker and spend hours a day pounding away at your keyboard, this can take its toll over time. Even though you are happy for the versatility of being able to work from anywhere that you please, it can cause you to develop poor posture, making your neck and shoulders chronically tight, tense, and hunched over. To avoid these postural changes from affecting your overall health and causing long-term consequences, you need to find a massage therapist in your local area who can help relieve those tight typing muscles. Some therapists use electromagnetic therapy machine to relieve pain.

To avoid constant sitting, hunching over, and lack of mobility affecting your overall health, you need to find the best massage therapy near me so you can stay healthy. Ensure that the flexibility of your job does not affect your quality of life by keeping a healthy work-life balance. Let's see how massage can help relieve your overly tight neck and shoulder muscles from causing chronic pain! Reach out to Corey Proffitt Studios Massage to learn more about massage therapy.

How massage therapy near me helps your neck and shoulders!

There are numerous benefits to finding massage therapy near me. This professional will be able to help you with tight areas of your body to relieve pain and tension. Some of the most common areas that need a reprieve from the daily stressors of life typically include the neck and shoulders. Not only do your neck and shoulders have to carry weight - literally, like a backpack - or they bear the brunt of your emotional stress and personal tension, but they can become overworked if not taken care of properly. Let’s see a few ways in which massage can help your neck and shoulders!

Recovery from exercise and soreness

One of the best ways that a massage therapist near me can help with your neck and shoulders is by providing relief from intense exercise and athletic events. If you are sitting all day, but then you go to the gym and you lift weights, go for a run, and do 100 pull-ups, this can cause your neck and shoulders to become even tighter - which is exactly what you want to avoid! Find a massage therapist who can help you increase the blood flow to the local area and increase oxygen production, reducing any swelling, inflammation, and pain in the area.

Reduce migraines

Chronic neck and shoulder pain can lead to migraines, tension headaches, and other health conditions that can wreak havoc on our productivity. By getting massage therapy near me, you can avoid any migraines from forming - especially after a full day of work!

Improve your mood

The last benefit of having your neck and shoulders massage is that it can boost your mood! Not only will feeling better physically help you also feel better emotionally, but it can also increase dopamine and serotonin levels - meaning you will feel excited, motivated, and happy that you spent the time and money on a massage therapy center in your local area!


If you are suffering from tension headaches, low mood, and chronically tight neck and shoulder pain, then you would benefit from finding a local and reputable massage therapist in your local area.


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