Cancer is a debilitating disease that derails plans and disrupts the life of the patient and personal caregivers. The condition can be attacked early to remove the cells and prolong the patient’s life. However, if the medical practitioner doesn’t identify the root cause, the patient’s life will likely deteriorate and can result in fatality. Studies estimate that patients lose 10% of the battle every month if the disease is undiagnosed or untreated. This is the most tragic outcome, but a restitution process allows surviving victims and family members the opportunity to file a legal motion against incompetent medical practitioners.

Chicago is a prominent city for cancer research, with The University of Chicago being a leader in cancer research for more than half a century. Its scientists and clinicians have consistently expanded the boundaries of what is possible in cancer care. Additionally, the City of Hope Chicago has a comprehensive cancer treatment hospital in Zion, IL, with OPDs in downtown Chicago.

While committed medical workers are likely to provide optimum care most times, they are human and prone to making mistakes. However, this is life-threatening for the patient. So, if medical malpractice harmed you or a loved one, consult a Chicago failure to diagnose cancer lawyer. As they unpack your story during the consultation, you will learn about the different parties liable in the suit. The following is an overview of the various parties that could be involved. This information will help you make an informed decision after the consultation.

Who Can You Sue for a Failed Cancer Diagnosis?

1. Doctor

You likely consult your primary care physician when you experience unusual symptoms like fatigue, sudden weight loss, pain, or bowel changes. Then, you agree to the tests or specialist referrals that the doctor recommends because you believe they will identify the underlying problem. But, your doctor can cause a failed cancer diagnosis by:

  • Not ordering the correct diagnosis tests
  • Failing to perform a physical examination that can uncover lumps or unusual skin changes
  • Failing to recognize cancer symptoms
  • Improperly interpreting test results from X-rays, blood tests, biopsies, CT scans, etc
  • Failing to send you to the correct specialist
  • Not taking your complaints seriously
  • Failing to consider your genetic and medical history
  • Failing to recommend cancer screening
  • Mistaking another condition instead of cancer
  • Mistaking the severity of the cancer

During your appointment, you must ask the doctor how they arrived at their diagnosis. Additionally, keep records of all medical tests and medication and track the treatment timeline. If you suspect you have been misdiagnosed, get a second opinion. If you get a different diagnosis, consult a medical malpractice lawyer to assess your case.

2. Oncologist

Oncologists have lower exposure for failure to diagnose claims than other medical professionals because they typically get involved when a cancer diagnosis has been made. But, you can hold an oncologist who failed to diagnose your cancer after a referral by your primary care physician liable for your damages.

Oncologists must be aware of the symptoms of various cancers to order the proper tests and make a correct diagnosis. Moreover, the professional must know how to interpret multiple tests, including biopsies, ultrasounds, and MRIs. If your oncologist fails to diagnose cancer or the correct stage, you can bring a failure to diagnose or medical practice suit against them.

3. Radiologists

If your primary care physician orders a CT scan, MRI, or X-Ray to detect cancer, you may be relieved to hear that everything came back normal. Unfortunately, radiology mistakes are common, and a radiologist may fail to identify abnormalities in imaging, resulting in a delayed cancer diagnosis. 75% of medical malpractice claims against radiologists relate to diagnostic mistakes.

The causes of radiology errors range from inadequate training to failure to communicate the findings clearly to your doctor. Whatever the case, you can recover financial and emotional services through radiology malpractice and error lawyers.

4. Pathologists

Mistakes in pathology laboratories have severe outcomes for cancer patients, including reduced mortality and more intense treatments that affect your quality of life and inflate medical costs.

When a primary care physician suspects you have cancer, they usually order imaging tests. If these return to normal, the doctor sends a biopsy of the suspicious tissue to the pathologist.

Unfortunately, pathologists misclassify one out of five cancer cases. Often, pathologists lack the expertise to identify the type of cancer they are trying to diagnose. If a pathologist doesn’t diagnose your cancer, you can hold them liable for your damages.

5. Hospital

Sometimes, the hospital may be liable for its employee’s failure to detect cancer. However, a failure to diagnose cancer lawyer first determines if the at-fault personnel were the hospital’s employees.

Large hospitals typically have both staff and independent contractors working at their premises. When hiring its staff, hospitals have a legal duty to inquire about an applicant’s education, training, licensing, and experience.

A hospital that hires unqualified medical personnel may be liable for their negligent actions. If a hospital is understaffed, overworked employees may also miss critical details when dealing with patients, making the facility vulnerable to litigation.

Contact a Mis-diagnosis Legal Team

If you find out your cancer would have been identified and treated earlier, you should fight diligently for your rights, uncovering the negligence of at-fault parties and negotiating for the compensation you deserve.


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