Different Types of Spine Surgery

Do you have heavy back pain? If yes, you need to take the necessary steps to overcome it. There was no permanent solution for some back pain a few years back, and people suffered a lot. But now the world has developed more, and you can find a solution to all kinds of issues. A spinal fusion operation can be extremely beneficial for patients suffering from back pain or disc problems in the right circumstances.

Technology reduces the difficulties, and spine surgery has become more convenient for many people. Patients with some conditions such as Degenerative discs, spinal fractures and herniated discs can benefit from spine surgery.

Let’s discuss the different types of spine surgery:

When to Consider Spine Surgery?

According to some doctors, one of the most common complaints patients bring to doctors is their back problems. Only certain patients require spine surgery, and not everyone. Some signs indicate that it is time to consider spine surgery. Expect some mobility loss as your body ages.

If your spinal problems prevent you from functioning normally, this could signify more serious issues. If this is the case, appropriate treatment may be able to alleviate these issues.

Spinal pain and reduced function can severely limit your ability to participate in daily life. If your back pain affects your quality of life, it is time to see a specialist. In cases of severe injury, patients may need emergency spinal surgery.

When experiencing Nerve Damage Symptoms, you may require surgery to avoid a permanent disability.

Types of Spinal Surgery

Once you have experienced any of the signs listed above, you need to undergo spine surgery. Here are the lists of major types of spinal Surgery:

  • Discectomy - It is also known as a micro discectomy, lumbar discectomy, percutaneous discectomy, herniated disc surgery, or decompression surgery, is a surgical procedure that involves removing material that is pressing on the spinal column or nerve root. The herniated portion of the intervertebral disc pressing on the nerve or spinal cord is eliminated during the procedure. Removing a portion of the disc that puts pressure on your spine can help with pain, numbness, weakness, balance problems, and mobility issues.
  • Spinal fusion - It is a very common type of back surgery used to treat back and neck pain. This treatment is particularly effective when a vertebra, the bones in your spine, has degenerated to the point where it no longer supports your neck or back. Spine surgeons will remove this vertebra, leaving a space between the two that surround it. Doctors will place a piece of bone where the last vertebra was to prevent the two vertebrae from collapsing. They will secure it with screws and metal plates, and as the body heals naturally, it will grow new bone around the graft. The two surrounding vertebrae and the graft will fuse into one solid unit within a few months.
  • Laminectomy – It is one of the most common lumbar spinal stenosis surgeries. A surgeon removes parts of your backbone, bone spurs, or ligaments during this procedure. This procedure relieves the pressure on spinal nerves and can alleviate pain or weakness, but it can make your spine less stable. Doctors will sometimes combine the two methods.
  • Disc Replacement - After removing the damaged one, a surgeon replaces your spinal disc with an artificial one. Unlike fusion, this allows you to move your spine. However, there is a chance that the new disc will slip or fall out of place and require repair. Recovery time may also be less than that of a spinal fusion.

These are some major types of spine surgery, and various other types are there.

Recovery After Spinal Surgery

Once you have completed your spine surgery, you have to be more careful. Follow the given points and ensure the recovery as quick as possible:

  • Bend your knees and squat down instead of bending at the waist when picking something up.
  • Lift no more than 10-15 pounds and be mindful of even routine activities that require liftings, such as picking up small children or a laundry basket.
  • To avoid spinal compression, limit your sitting time to 20-30 minutes.
  • Only take short walks for the first two weeks after surgery and gradually increase the amount of walking while not overdoing it.
  • Few patients will wear a back brace while walking or sitting, and the physician determines the length of the brace.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Spinal Surgery in India

Many people don’t know about the popularity of India. Since the spine surgery cost in India is affordable, numerous patients choose India for their Surgery. India has developed its standard in various fields for the past few decades, especially medicine. Shining best in plastic Surgery and Spinal Surgery are some of its examples.

You can find the most qualified surgeons with high-level training. India maintains the top success rate for its spinal Surgery, and many foreigners visit India to get the best treatment. The procedures were simple, and the doctors kept their patients in a comfortable zone. India is the right choice if you are looking for the best country to have spinal surgery.

Parting Words:

If the pain goes away, it may return. Even if you are not in pain, your body may be under stress, causing it to function poorly without your knowledge. It could make you more prone to illness or injury. Don’t ignore the back pain and better consult your doctor to have the spinal Surgery at the right time if necessary.


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