The recent advancements that have been made regarding eye surgery options and procedures are truly incredible. New technologies and improved techniques mean you can approach the prospect of eye surgery with a high degree of confidence.

If you search eye surgery Utah, for example, you will see how you can find a solution to fix your vision and benefit from the latest corrective eye surgery options.

Here is a look at some of the main types of eye surgery that you might be offered.

A laser option that enjoys a high success rate and quick recovery time

Laser refractive surgery is a popular option. There are several laser surgery options, including LASIK. This procedure involves your eye surgeon creating a corneal flap on the surface of your eye.

This type of surgery has a high success rate. It is also a procedure that offers a short recovery period. That means you can benefit from improved vision in next to no time after having laser refractive surgery.

A way of replacing your natural lens

Reflective lens exchange surgery is a procedure that follows the same process as cataract surgery.

The fundamental difference between the two is that this is a procedure that is recommended for patients who don’t have cataracts.

What this surgery does is replace your natural lens with an intraocular lens implant in order to correct your vision. The added bonus is the fact that you are also eliminating the prospect of developing cataracts at a later stage in life.

A type of laser surgery that aims to correct myopia

If you are trying to correct myopia it might be suggested that you consider small incision lenticule extraction.

This is a fairly embryonic type of laser surgery and is considered less invasive than some other options. It works by creating a small disc of tissue inside the inner layer of your cornea using a laser.

This allows the surgeon to then remove lenticule tissue by way of a small incision on your cornea.

A procedure that corrects presbyopia

Presbyopia is a far-sighted mess 1 condition that usually impacts people who are in their fifties, or older.

Presbyopic lens exchange is a form of refractive lens surgery that is able to correct distance as well as near vision issues. The benefit of this procedure is that you won’t need corrective lenses or reading glasses after you have had this done.

A way to correct hyperopia

Laser thermal keratoplasty is a non-contact procedure that uses a holmium laser to shrink your corneal tissue in order to correct any problems you might be having with low levels of hyperopia.

This type of surgery differs from LASIK as it does not require any cutting into your cornea.

There is a proven eye surgery procedure available for most conditions and general vision problems.

It makes sense to take advantage of the latest laser technologies and general solutions on offer to give your vision the best possible outcome. Take to an eyecare and surgical professional to see if lasers might be the way to give your eyes a new lease of life.


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