10 Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in Nigeria


June happens to be one of the happiest months of my life. I had already made a little over a thousand dollars from the weight loss affiliate marketing programs I signed up for.

I had honestly doubted if it would be worth it because they were Nigerian Weight loss affiliate programs and you know we can be a bit careless about our weight here.

Not to get me wrong, we as Nigerians actually care about our wellbeing but weight checking has always seemed like a thing for special people especially those of the upper socio-economic strata (the rich and affluent), and these affiliate programs were the ones that earned me that much in just over a month.

Believe me, I would have kept this knowledge to myself but then no one is really talking about it hence I decided to write out the best weight loss affiliate programs in Nigeria some of which I have earned a substantial amount from

1) Absorb Health Affiliate Program

My Experience With Absorb Health – Theihcc.com
Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Absorb Health, whose affiliate program launched in 2009, is one of Nigeria’s top weight loss programs. It focuses on food as a tool for health and wellness—as opposed to a restrictive diet plan. 

They emphasize nutrient-rich whole foods and plant-based recipes, with meals that are seasonal and affordable. The brand has over 150 staff members and 14 different products with an initial investment between N50 million ($100K) to N500 million ($1M). The company claims to have over 70,000 customers across 15 countries (with a heavy presence in Nigeria). Their affiliate program offers up to 25% commission.

2) Vitauthority Affiliate Program

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in Nigeria
Vitauthority Affiliate Program

Join Vitauthority's affiliate program and earn commissions by recommending their bestselling weight loss products. You can also promote their free gifts for new customers that are related to weight loss as well. 

This is a commission-based affiliate program so there's no monthly fee to join. The cost per sale is 30% on non-digital items and 25% on digital items.

3) Designer Protein Affiliate Program

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in Nigeria
Designer Protein Affiliate Program

Designer Protein is a health and wellness product focused on helping people achieve their weight loss goals. You can earn a 25% commission by promoting its protein shakes, supplements, and diet plans to your audience. 

Designer Protein also offers affiliates access to some great marketing tools such as banner ads, email templates, video libraries with expert advice, social media support, and more. Click here for more details!

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4) Balance By BistroMD Affiliate Program

Verified 30% Off - balance by bistroMD Coupons May 2022

Bistro MD is a weight loss meal plan service that is backed by a team of doctors and nutritionists. Customers can sign up for a custom meal plan delivered to their doorstep, which includes six frozen entrees, one dessert, and three snacks per day. 

All meals are low in calories and contain no sodium. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, you can either choose from two-week or three-week options for $149 or $199 respectively (bistroMD does not offer any type of discount). Bistro MD also allows customers to create their own meals using recipes from its website.

5) Jet Fuel Meals Affiliate Program

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in Nigeria
Jet Fuel Meals Affiliate Program

Who doesn’t love pizza? That delicious blend of cheese, sauce, and dough can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Jet Fuel Meals delivers all that flavor and more—all for only about 200 calories per slice. 

Sure, you may pay a little more than you would for an average pizza (about $8 for a medium), but it also has only about half as many calories. For someone looking to lose weight or maintain their current size, that’s a great trade-off. If you want to get paid while eating your favorite dishes at home, try being an affiliate marketer with Jet Fuel Meals.

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6) Cooking Light Diet Affiliate Program

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in Nigeria
Cooking Light Diet Affiliate Program

The Cooking Light Diet affiliate program provides you with an excellent way to make money online. If you’re looking for a diet affiliate program, I highly recommend it. In fact, they have one of the best online marketing strategies of any weight loss program I’ve seen. 

You can earn 30% per sale plus access to their private group on Facebook as well as live training and webinars! And if you choose monthly billing, you can earn even more: 2% per sale! They pay via Paypal and provide 2-tier tracking (commission paid out on both direct referrals and sales customers). Check them out here!

7) Flat Tummy Affiliate Program

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in Nigeria
Flat Tummy Affiliate Program

The Flat Tummy affiliate program works with a variety of weight loss and detox products. It offers affiliate payout for both one-time sales and recurring billing. Payout is tiered at $50, $100, $250 and $500+. You receive a 60-day cookie on signup. 

The Flat Tummy website has had over 30 million visits since 2012 and launched its U.S. operation in 2016, according to its website.

8) Doctors Best Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in Nigeria
Doctors Best Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Doctors Best Weight Loss is a weight loss program that provides you with support, information, and tools for weight loss. It also offers a detailed meal plan to follow. The program focuses on reducing sugar, processed carbs, and sodium from your diet. 

While there is no official medical supervision, Doctors Best Weight Loss provides an online personal coach to help you stay motivated. This affiliate program offers a 30 percent commission and has a five-tier program structure with levels ranging from 3 percent all the way up to 30 percent based on sales volume. 

In addition to providing affiliates with advertising materials and banners, Doctors Best Weight Loss also promotes its affiliate program through social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. As an added bonus, it’s free to join and participate in as well!

9) Dirobi Affiliate Program

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in Nigeria
Dirobi Affiliate Program

Dirobi is a weight loss management program that offers users an online platform to manage their weight. Users have access to tracking and monitoring systems as well as coaching services. 

Unlike other programs, Dirobi has a built-in biometric scale for weekly bodyweight checks. All information collected by Dirobi can be used to create comprehensive reports to assist with users’ weight loss goals.

10) Cinderella Solution Affiliate Program

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs in Nigeria
Cinderella Solution Affiliate Program

This program is a weight-loss and fitness solution that helps its members achieve optimum weight loss. Cinderella Solution has an easy and effective plan for people who want to lose weight without much effort. 

The creators of Cinderella Solution have done a good job of designing their affiliate program by providing training materials, strategies, and website analytics so that their affiliates can track results.

They have also launched a mobile app that will make it easier for affiliates to promote their products or services. This is definitely one of the best weight loss affiliate programs in Nigeria.

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In Conclusion

Many people use their computers and mobile phones every day but rarely do they think or know of appropriately utilizing them to make money. 

Although there has been a surge in knowledge on different online means of making money with affiliate marketing not being an exception, many are yet to realize that they can make money while in the process of staying fit and healthy.

It’s no secret that Nigerians might be one of the most obese people on earth. It is also common knowledge that losing weight is hard. 

Nevertheless, it can be done with determination and persistence right from the comfort of your home using your everyday devices via the best weight loss affiliate programs and while it's true that there are many ways to lose weight, some of them might not be as successful for the Nigerian population as the 10 best weight loss affiliate program in Nigeria.

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