Cost of Root canal treatment in Nigeria? 3 Benefits of Root Canal

In my clinic individual patients always ask: How much does Root Canal Treatment Cost in Nigeria? What is the average cost of root canal treatment in Nigeria?

Before I answer your question let's take a look at the benefits of getting a root canal treatment.

Damaged teeth: Claim 3 brilliant benefits of root canal

When you have an unlucky tooth that seems to be severely damaged, doctors often advise you to get a root canal. True, a filling is also an option; however, the results from it aren’t lifelong, and you have to revisit the dentist many times to get it done again and again.

A root canal is thought of as a severely painful procedure by most of us. With the change in time and development in technology and medicine, you don’t have to worry about the process being painful anymore as professionals provide your mouth with sedatives that numb it to not feel any pain. Cost of root canal treatment in Nigeria is relatively low than other countries.

Aside from supplying the advantage of a painless dental procedure, a root canal has many other benefits as opposed to other treatments to fixing infectious teeth, listed subsequently.

Prevents the Spread of Infection

root canal treatment for damaged teeth

You might have heard your doctor mention several times when you take a toothache to them, that the contamination in your infected tooth spread to others as you delayed the treatment. Infections from cavity and bacteria that formulate on one tooth can increase and spread to the neighbouring teeth if not taken care of properly. To avoid a happening like such, the treatment of the root canal can serve you well. After you get treated with a root canal surgery, not only does the infection diminishes but the mouth is made safe from it.

Deters Losing Teeth

Untreated tooth or a deep cavity can make your tooth loss and vulnerable to breakage. If not treated timely, it can suffer a lot and start to deteriorate, and break piece by piece or as a whole. As a consequence of the damage, you end up losing a tooth. You must get treatment, preferably a root canal, before your teeth ultimately deter to preserve it.

In another case, tooth removal can also be recommended to you to end the dangerous toxins in it. This practice will not only have you toothless and your smile looking unappealing, but it can also be hazardous to your jaw as well. When a tooth or a couple of teeth are taken out of your mouth, your jawbone can start to weaken and change its shape, giving room to several other problems like trouble chewing. In addition to letting you keep your tooth, exceptional dental practices like Pearl Dental Burlington, provide a satisfying ending of the treatment with the placement of a crown on top of it to give it a new structure.

Ends Severe Toothache

This fact must be evident to everyone that harmful cavity in the mouth can cause a lot of pain. But did you know that managing life with this pain is almost impossible as it can be extremely unbearable? Not just that but it can give birth to other problems like a severe migraine. Conditions like fever, insomnia, or swollen face might also come up during toothache. Getting treatment after you experience the first sign of pain is mandatory to relieve yourself of it as recommended by doctors.

How much does Root Canal Treatment Cost in Nigeria?

The cost of root canal treatment varies according to the dentist, cities, and the severity of the condition.You are expected to pay in between #20,000- #100,000 Naira in Nigeria. Root canal Treatment in Nigeria private dental clinics is about #60,000 Naira.

However, overall cost of treatment is less expensive than the alternatives which include having the entire tooth removed and replaced with a bridge, denture or dental implant. Tooth extraction can also cause other problems such as misaligned teeth, malocclusion or problems eating.

Wrapping it up

When a root canal is done to your teeth, a tissue known as the pulp is removed that is to eliminate pain from it. By removing the pulp, the tooth might become non-vital but the damage will be gone from it, and your tooth will be saved from pulling out.

Isreal Olabanji DST RN
Isreal Olabanji DST RN
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