A Gigli saw is a simple medical instrument that physicians have been using for quite some time. Doctors use it to cut through bone. The saw is composed of wire, two handles and a blade.

A gigli saw blade has small, chain-style pieces that enable easy cutting when the doctor moves the handles. As the wire moves, the blade cuts through the bone easily. The design of the saw makes it useful for detailed surgical work.

Although new technology has invented new types of saw that made the medical instruments old, doctors still find the gigli saws useful.

Uses of Gigli saw

  1. These tools are often used for cutting through the skull in brain surgery.
  2. Gigli saw is also used for leg amputation and other surgeries.
  3. This saw is used to cut through other bones in other parts of the body.

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Some of these older saws are now valuable medical antiques. Older saw handles can be made of wood or ivory. Modern saws now use synthetic materials.

The Gigli's strong visual identity and odd name make it a candidate for use in certain macabre film and literature styles. Such a saw could also be part of a medical student toolkit that operates on corpses. Although the gigli saw is an easy device use for healing, in some cases, some people may find it frightening.

The Gigli saw is the unpowered variety in the range of modern saws available to surgeons. Certain unpowered saws are hacksaws and so on. Doctors can also choose driven types of saws such as reciprocal saws.

Sonic cutting saws provide a smooth result for today’s surgeries. Some new sonic saws are being developed by engineers that can also cut tissue effectively.

One of the gigli saw's popular features is that it's extremely portable. The saw takes up almost no space and you can easily travel with it. 

As a physician, you can easily replace the wire, blades or handles if it is not working as intended. The saw design remains effective, and this may be one reason why it is still being used by doctors for a range of surgical procedures.

Medical journals tend to note some of the research done by doctors using simple tools such as gigli saws to help expand the collective knowledge of the international medical community.


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