There are several contraceptive myths you shouldn’t fall for any longer.  

In fear of unwanted pregnancy, many resort to ineffective or even dangerous approaches regularly based on myth and rumor. 

Listed below are some commonly used unverified and dangerous pregnancy prevention methods:

Soap and water

Many women wash or douche with soap and water after sex in an attempt to prevent pregnancy. “They hope it will wash the sperm away, but sperm reaches the uterus before women have a chance to rinse it out,” said Dr. Su Sandy of Population Services International Myanmar. It can affect vaginal acidity, leading to irritation or infections.

Laundry soap

Soaps have also been used in additional means. Some women would insert a piece of laundry soap into the vagina before intercourse, hoping the alkalinity would kill sperm. The method can cause inflammation, ulcers and other significant damage. It is also unreliable for preventing pregnancy.


People also use disinfectants to try to kill sperm, using these chemicals as a douche or applying them to the external genitalia. Disinfectants can cause chemical burns, skin irritation and, if introduced into the uterus, even sepsis and death. But they do not stop sperm.


Alum is also used as a vaginal suppository to prevent pregnancy. This can cause irritation harmful microbial imbalance and increased risk of infections.

Lemon slices

Some women put lemon slices or lemon juice into the vagina after sex. This can cause irritation, dysbacteriosis and other problems. “I was surprised, not to say shocked, when I found out that one woman was using, and continues to use, lemon slices in the vagina after intercourse.”


In some places, ginger is incorrectly believed to have contraceptive properties. It is believed the spiciness of ginger tea could affect the menstrual cycle. 

Assorted herbs

Traditional herbs are often used to prevent pregnancy. But these can contain chemicals or heavy metals, or have harmful interactions with other medications. 

Plastic bags

And many people resort to ineffective – even damaging – barrier methods. Around the world, people have reported using plastic bags as an alternative to condoms. These have a high risk of breakage.”


The belief that jumping after intercourse can prevent pregnancy is widespread but has absolutley no medical basis.

Charms or prayers

People also rely on charms or prayers to prevent pregnancy. Prayers, charms and rituals are not effective at preventing pregnancy, and can even be harmful if they encourage people to have unprotected sex.

Andrew Liver SaltsAndrew liver salts for pregnancy prevention.

 No doubt there are numerous people using this drug as a backup contraceptive. If you ask about the mechanism of action, they will end up telling you it flush the sperms out of the body.

what Andrew liver salts really is about:

Andrews Liver Salts has a laxative and antacid action to relieve symptoms of upset stomach or indigestion. It contains 3 active ingredients that work to neutralize excess acid and help relieve symptoms and discomfort. 

How to use Andrew Liver Salts 

To use Andrew Liver Salts, it needs to be dissolved in water before taking.

Andrew Liver Salts also provides relief from excess acid, preterm-labor, eclampsia, pre-eclampsia, and helps relieve constipation.

For problems like upset stomach, hyperacidity, heartburn it should be taken not more than 4 times a day.

For constipation, take 5 ml of the solution before breakfast or prior to bedtime.

If taken too often the medicine may lead to diarrhea. To reverse this effect, just reduce the dosage and an immediate relief will be achieved. Please consult with your doctor to better understand its use for your particular case/condition.

Andrew liver salt good for pregnancy?

Andrew liver salts has no effects or whatsoever on pregnancy. Andrew liver salts should NOT be given to patients with symptoms of appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, inflammatory bowel disease, or abdominal pains of unknown origin.

It has a lot of functions and helpful uses, but working as a contraceptive is absolutely none of those functions.

People are just taking this drug ignorantly. Stay away from unverified contraceptive means. For your safety.

Andrew Liver SaltsConclusion 

So NO. Andrew Liver Salts does not prevent pregnancy. Still doubting? Check out the video below to be more  convinced.


It doesn't prevent pregnancy in anyway whatsoever but if it works or has worked for you, let us hear from you below.


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