Hair treatment, using shampoo and conditioner after postpartum hair loss may seem unproductive and a complete waste of time when your hair keeps falling off every day you’re in the shower. It does not help that this situation cannot be prevented, so that you can prepare for it, instead having to lose that part of your beauty.

Quick Facts About Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is a common occurrence but is not often talked about. This is probably because it is not something to be worried about or because it is generally considered as less important in the face of motherhood. Regardless, losing a greater percentage of your hair soon after putting to bed can be scary, especially if you do not understand what is going on.

In this article, we will briefly discuss postpartum hair loss and proceed to give you tips on how you can deal with it. One of such tips involve the continued use of your shampoo and conditioner – if they are the right ones for you – after postpartum hair loss. However, we will make some recommendations that you should check out.

Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss simply means the loss of hair after childbirth. It is basically a condition that comes after a woman has undergone stress – in this case, childbirth – making a great percentage of her hair go into the final stage of hair growth and falling off almost at the same time.

Hair loss is a normal everyday occurrence in humans. We lose about 100 strands of hair daily; however, postpartum hair loss may see that figure rise to about 300 strands daily. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a shocking experience but the previous months before childbirth, that is, during pregnancy, a woman typically experiences a significantly lower hair loss than normal.

During pregnancy, the increased levels of hormones such as estrogen, keeps most of the hair on a pregnant woman’s head in the anagen phase, that is the growing phase. They remain in this phase for most part of the pregnancy, with just about 15 strands of hair lost daily. That’s about 75% less than the normal amount of hair loss. When this has happened for months of going into the shower, brushing your hair, and no meaningful hair coming off, you get used to that.

However, some months after giving birth to your child, when the level of hormones have returned to normal, the monthly cycle of things in your system have resumed their normal activities, the hair that has been in the growing stage now moves to the next stage of hair growth, the resting stage. Because most of them have been in the same stage for so long, they tend to move to the next at the same time too, leading to the loss of about 50% of your hair.

How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

Postpartum hair loss usually kicks in at about a few weeks postpartum but reaches its peak in about four weeks after childbirth. However, it should begin to return to its normal self, your hair that is, in about six to nine months postpartum.

There are cases where this does not happen, and it may be accompanied by scalp tenderness, presence of rash or flakes on the scalp. In these cases, ensure that you consult a qualified dermatologist. If these issues are not present but you still experience hair loss after nine months and up to twelve months postpartum, you should also see a qualified dermatologist.

How to Deal with Postpartum Hair Loss

Although there’s little being said about this issue, here are some tips to help you deal with postpartum hair loss.

  • Diet

Ordinarily, the easiest and go-to way of dealing with postpartum hair loss is to eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals that support hair growth. Since the hair loss is not preventable, you need to prepare for a better replacement growth.

  • Rest

You have just gone through a great ordeal and need all the rest you can get. Don’t be all stressed about losing some of your hair, they will grow back. Instead, focus on fully recovering, physically, emotionally, and mentally, from your experience in the last couple of months.

  • Hair treatment

Postpartum hair loss does not state that you should neglect your hair. You are losing hair because they need to be shed and replaced with new growths. Ensure that you continually wash your hair as you normally would (assuming that you do so with the best hair treatment options) and keep your scalp moist and healthy.

  • Consider a different style

It may do you good to cut your hair after giving birth. This will help to reduce the physical effect the hair loss might have on your appearance, and may even boost your confidence and reignite that spark you once had.

How About Shampoo and Conditioner After Postpartum Hair Loss?

Though there is little you can do about postpartum hair loss, there are lots of things you can do about regaining your full, lustrous hair after the hair loss spell. Yes, you should wash your hair regularly with shampoo and conditioner, but in this case, your hair has undergone a tremendous amount of stress, exposing your scalp to what it is usually protected from, the environment.

You need the best shampoo and conditioner after postpartum hair loss to regain that full hair. Here are some recommendations.

  1. Maple Holistic Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner

This hair care combo is a suitable choice for women who have just experienced postpartum hair loss. It is arguably the best shampoo and conditioner after postpartum hair loss due to its high level of botanical essential oils ad biotin.

It protects the scalp from irritation as it is paraben-free, and helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp, thereby stimulating new hair growth in a healthy environment. What’s more? It is affordable.

  1. Pura D’or Anti-Hair Thinning Shampoo and Deep Moisturizing Conditioner

One of the most popular shampoo and conditioner after postpartum hair loss, Pura D’or helps to strengthen the hair and moisturize the scalp and hair, keeping essential oils in the hair, and maintaining the health of the scalp.

Made from herbs that improve hair health and growth, and Aloe vera that helps to keep the hair and scalp hydrated, your hair, even if cut short, will experience a bountiful and strong bounce-back.

  1. Honeydew Natural Hair Loss Shampoo

Although, suitable for both men and women’s use, it is one of the best choices you can make for your shampoo and conditioner after postpartum hair loss. It is also rich in biotin, and employs the effectiveness of many essential oils such as coconut, jojoba, and tea tree oils to give sheen and keep the scalp and hair moist.

It aids in blood circulation in the scalp, and with the immense amount of vitamin B7 it contains, influences the hair follicles to begin the growth of strong and healthy hair strands.


Postpartum hair loss is not considered a serious case but it negatively affects the health, especially mental and emotional health of mothers, what with the stress of motherhood. It is therefore important that they know what they are experiencing and how to tackle it.

Although you can do very little to avoid postpartum hair loss, you can have your formerly luxuriant hair back after the hair loss has run its course. Treat your hair to good washes by using the best shampoo and conditioner after postpartum hair loss. You can also consider using herbal hair oils.

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